I think we're talking about two very fundamentally different forms of government.

April 13, 2017 01:04PM
Case in point: our current president. Zero years experience. He's doing fine, by many accounts, and I suspect he'll end up being one of the more effective presidents in recent history despite what the media will have you believe.

There are and have been many successful congressmen/women with no prior political experience.

In fact, it might sound a little crazy, but I'm almost convinced that you could throw out 90% of the current politicians in office in the U.S., and replace them with other smart, qualified, willing Americans out of the business sector, law, etc, and we'd be in no worse, and probably better a condition. That doesn't mean that these are not "experienced people" that we need in government. But we just don't need "experienced politicians" in government. I'm not sure that you'll ever be able to convince me that it should take > five years in order to get a basic understanding of most positions in government.

The U.S. is not supposed to be central planning, and social service utopia, it's supposed to be a reatively small elected government that allows the private sector to prosper without getting in its way too much. And to provide national security. That's about it, as far as I'm concerned. The government isn't intended to be the engine of all progress.

But this argument aside, and back to the original, limiting them in terms would be good because it prevents politicians from working to keep their seats, and instead they can focus on getting stuff done for the people they represent. Many of the more tenured politicians are the ones creating poor policy for stupid reasons nobody wants.
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Opened this board completely expecting a Trump tirade from Sam after Syria strike (n/t)

TJHuron April 08, 2017 06:00AM

Having little interest in U.S. internal politics it's hard for me to analyze the reasons for the decision

Kstatida April 08, 2017 11:58PM

PS I set the odds earlier...if you want in on this action I will totally convert dollars to whatever currency you wish. NT

Sam April 10, 2017 08:19AM

Don't forget that he's going to repeal AHCA...which at least 30% of his base actually needs (though many are unaware of this). NT

Sam April 10, 2017 08:18AM

He has, you're right

TJHuron April 09, 2017 05:32AM


Sam April 08, 2017 07:18PM


MiyagiYojimbo April 08, 2017 08:04PM

What's sad is I literally think this statement is 100% true lol. NT

Sam April 08, 2017 08:05PM

And you're right.

MiyagiYojimbo April 08, 2017 08:09PM

Look if you're going to Peru make sure we go together. I got a guide and a hotel owner who brews moonflower tea. NT

Sam April 08, 2017 08:47PM

It was a horrible decision.

Rhyaldrin April 08, 2017 01:31PM

Latest word is that it was 5D Backgammon.

MiyagiYojimbo April 10, 2017 05:28AM

I chuckled

Kstatida April 08, 2017 11:33PM

So... You claim it's a conspiracy?

TJHuron April 08, 2017 06:48PM

You people make panda sad

Kstatida April 08, 2017 11:34PM

It doesn't. But it is relevant

TJHuron April 09, 2017 05:26AM

You're asking wrong questions

Kstatida April 09, 2017 07:43AM

I'm saying my government is claiming to have done that already

TJHuron April 09, 2017 08:28AM

Claiming they know it all 5 minutes after the incident?

Kstatida April 09, 2017 09:35AM

More evidence would be great

TJHuron April 09, 2017 11:47AM

And that's funny

Kstatida April 09, 2017 07:20PM

lol if you think that Russia won't dispute any said evidence until the whole issue is irrelevant anyways.

Jib April 10, 2017 09:13AM

Of course evidence will be challenged

Kstatida April 10, 2017 09:19AM

I should have said "deny" not "dispute". (n/t)

Jib April 10, 2017 10:03AM

Then you're dead wrong (n/t)

Kstatida April 10, 2017 10:39AM

Really? How so?

Jib April 10, 2017 10:48AM

Well for starters, Russia and U.S. are different, and our culture is amazingly different

Kstatida April 10, 2017 12:50PM

Hey, I do my research. Don't tell Rhyaldrin about this post though.

Sam April 10, 2017 02:12PM

I'm sure you know the difference between having chemical weapons and using them

Kstatida April 11, 2017 12:11AM

I fear anyone who works the laws to stay in power. It's the first step towards dictatorship. NT

Sam April 11, 2017 01:22AM

Please elaborate

Kstatida April 11, 2017 02:52AM

Alright, so I'm not exactly a Russian Constitutional Buff...but...

Sam April 11, 2017 01:42PM

So he didn't change laws to stay in power, ok (n/t)

Kstatida April 11, 2017 10:24PM

Never said he did. He just did an end run around them. Hitler and many other dictators have done similar things.

Sam April 12, 2017 02:46PM

I don't get the meaning of "works the laws" then. (n/t)

Kstatida April 12, 2017 11:32PM

If Putin has a heart attack tomorrow what happens next?

Quas April 12, 2017 04:25PM


Kstatida April 12, 2017 11:29PM


Rhyaldrin April 11, 2017 02:28PM

I don't really get this position.

Rhyaldrin April 11, 2017 01:43AM

So many burrows.

MiyagiYojimbo April 11, 2017 03:57PM

Yes, and I believe all political offices should have a 2 term limit. Senate, House, State House, etc, etc, etc. NT

Sam April 11, 2017 01:38PM

Then you should have a lot of trouble

Kstatida April 11, 2017 10:27PM

It is tough.

Sam April 12, 2017 02:45PM

It doesn't work that way

Kstatida April 12, 2017 11:26PM

I don't believe it should take someone 20 years to be a competent or even great public official.

Jib April 13, 2017 10:38AM

Look, Lombardi and Sutter just got fired by the Kings...and they led the franchise to their only 2 Cups EVER.

Sam April 13, 2017 01:41PM

Re: I don't believe it should take someone 20 years to be a competent or even great public official.

Kstatida April 13, 2017 10:53AM

If it takes that long to gain a basic understanding, then there's too much bureaucracy.

Jib April 13, 2017 11:30AM

Knowing how to get things done, what works and works not

Kstatida April 13, 2017 11:43AM

Look, in an ideal world, your concerns would be moot, because there WOULD be qualified assistants who serve the post, not the person.

Sam April 13, 2017 01:43PM

Deep state is about "qualified assistants", and those assuming the post don't mean anything

Kstatida April 13, 2017 10:46PM

I think I know what you were trying to say here, but it doesn't make a ton of sense. From like, an information/facts/se ntence structure point of view.

Sam April 14, 2017 12:03AM

Lol, no

Kstatida April 14, 2017 01:29AM

I think we're talking about two very fundamentally different forms of government.

Jib April 13, 2017 01:04PM

Re: I think we're talking about two very fundamentally different forms of government.

Kstatida April 13, 2017 10:59PM

Don't always have to push a bill. Only politician I ever respected was a local congressman who was a Marine. His voting record reflected his beliefs ALWAYS.

Sam April 14, 2017 12:08AM

So what was the effect of his term in office?

Kstatida April 14, 2017 01:31AM

The reason is simple: They keep their jobs (at least, that's what is motivating them). NT

Sam April 13, 2017 01:47PM

Voting based political systems are all about the numbers

Quas April 13, 2017 07:21PM

Merkel is saving the brown children though.

Rhyaldrin April 11, 2017 12:23AM

Been there, didn't like it

Kstatida April 12, 2017 12:25AM


Jib April 10, 2017 01:35PM


Kstatida April 11, 2017 12:00AM

Re: Well

Jib April 11, 2017 07:27AM


Kstatida April 11, 2017 07:34AM


Matrik April 11, 2017 08:15AM

How so?

Kstatida April 11, 2017 08:34AM

In this case specifically it is a denial.

Matrik April 11, 2017 08:43AM

Sorry no ribbon for you

Kstatida April 11, 2017 08:48AM

So you're denying evidence.

Matrik April 11, 2017 08:56AM

Perhaps it's language barrier

Kstatida April 11, 2017 10:20PM

You owe your loyalty to a crown, Kstatida, not a man!

MiyagiYojimbo April 11, 2017 04:12PM

Where does turning body guards into governors fall into the pride picture? (n/t)

Quas April 10, 2017 01:25PM

I think you have no idea what you're talking about

Kstatida April 11, 2017 12:07AM

What good is unchallenged evidence?

Matrik April 10, 2017 09:28AM

Americans don't seem to get that.

Matrik April 10, 2017 08:58AM

There was no consensus on the 2013 attacks either. I seem to recall even some UN reports implicated the "rebels".

Rhyaldrin April 09, 2017 08:52AM

Let me ask you this since you don't think it was Assad

TJHuron April 09, 2017 11:41AM

Wrong questions detived from prejudice again

Kstatida April 09, 2017 07:23PM

I think "never let a good tragedy go to waste" applies.

Rhyaldrin April 09, 2017 12:00PM

Exactly this

Kstatida April 09, 2017 07:25PM

Jet fuel can't melt steel beams bro. (n/t)

Rhyaldrin April 08, 2017 07:10PM

Yeah, cause he certainly hasn't done it in the past

NbM(VIP) April 08, 2017 04:35PM

This "perception" is exactly the sad part of politics these days.

Sam April 08, 2017 04:43PM

We get it, Sam, you went black and now you can't come back.

Rhyaldrin April 08, 2017 04:45PM

And PS, I've said many times (look it up Trumptard) that Obama was a meh president. In terms of public speaking/dignity, he scored huge. Everything else, meh.

Sam April 08, 2017 07:19PM

Personally, I think he was super blargh.

MiyagiYojimbo April 08, 2017 08:03PM

Super Ugggggggggh? NT

Sam April 08, 2017 08:04PM

Not many politicians or presidents do. Other than line their own pockets. NT

Sam April 08, 2017 07:14PM


Rhyaldrin April 08, 2017 04:35PM

What brought you to that conclusion? (n/t)

Quas April 08, 2017 10:18PM

I'd rather ask what brought you to think that it was proven?

Kstatida April 08, 2017 11:47PM

What are good war stocks? n/t

jalim April 08, 2017 01:34PM

I always go with Oil. (n/t)

Jib April 10, 2017 07:30AM

raytheon. maker of tomahawk missiles. jumped 3% after bombing. nt

Isildur(VIP) April 08, 2017 03:59PM

Even after one of them ended up in the ocean?

Rhyaldrin April 08, 2017 04:36PM

50 million is literally nothing to the US military.

Jib April 10, 2017 07:29AM

Russian military spokesman says 36 ended up fuck knows where

Kstatida April 09, 2017 07:28PM

36 out of 59?

Rhyaldrin April 09, 2017 07:44PM

Believe it or not

Kstatida April 09, 2017 08:30PM

Tonbko 23 N3 59 paket Tomahawk Aonetenn Ao aTaKOBaHHON? No way, that's ridiculous. (n/t)

MiyagiYojimbo April 10, 2017 05:09AM

George isn't at home, please leave a message at the beep. (n/t)

Frosty April 09, 2017 08:37PM

I'm upset I missed this for this long. "It's not a lie if you believe it to be true". LOL. NT

Sam April 17, 2017 05:44PM

A joke not understood is a failed joke

Kstatida April 09, 2017 11:02PM

That never stopped you before. Maybe you're just lazy now. Your loss. (n/t)

Frosty April 10, 2017 03:42PM

No joke left behind

MiyagiYojimbo April 10, 2017 05:02AM

I still didn't get Frosty's joke

Kstatida April 11, 2017 11:49PM

Nah, you're a dirty commie.

Sam April 21, 2017 05:39PM

*your (n/t)

Rhyaldrin April 21, 2017 05:49PM

Trump funded the attack out of his own pocket.

Matrik April 08, 2017 05:52PM

He should.

Rhyaldrin April 08, 2017 05:58PM

I'm just glad President Trump is a Russian puppet...

Tolgrumm April 08, 2017 09:50AM

Nothing to see here.

Tolgrumm April 08, 2017 09:50AM

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