This is not the same as skepticism

August 23, 2017 06:21AM
I probably shouldn't have added any comments.

The couple I was talking about aren't skeptics. I like a healthy skepticism. They are utterly convinced of sweeping conspiracies and their 'evidence' is nothing but smoke and shadows. I sometimes wonder if they did too many drugs back in the day. They sometimes post really dumb stuff on Facebook. Not trying to be insulting, but pointing out that they are at least consistent in their approach to stuff.

However, this is exactly what I now see happening to some people who oppose Trump. For most of my life they seemed reasonable, even if we disagreed. Now? When it concerns Trump, they are utterly convinced of sweeping conspiracies based on smoke and shadows. First it is about Trump advocating violence at his rallies. They say he should condemn violence. When he condemns violence, they provide a list of groups they say he should condemn (none of which was Alex Fields a member of). When he names those groups, they say he did it too slowly. And somehow all of this is clear evidence of Trump 'dog-whistling' to let everyone know he hates all mexicans, muslims, blacks, jews, and LGBTQIAPKC+.

And it isn't just them. I saw a video of a guy who sounds like a libertarian (i.e. in favor of individual rights) get shouted out and pushed around by protesters because he wanted to hear their point of view. It is as though questioning the smoke and shadows means you're a racist. Or the guy who got stabbed by a random stranger for having a certain haircut. That's how insane it is.

Because they see nefarious, ulterior motives everywhere, it is very very dangerous.

- Paul
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Scott Adams thinks some on the Left have mass hysteria

PaulO August 20, 2017 04:23PM

Least funny Dilbert ever

HairyOrangutan August 22, 2017 08:53PM

Re: Least funny Dilbert ever

MiyagiYojimbo August 28, 2017 04:56AM

I did not attempt humor with this.

Stevers August 27, 2017 12:35PM

Re: Least funny Dilbert ever

istirith August 24, 2017 03:43AM

Fun fact: Scott Adams is a trained hypnotist.

Jib August 22, 2017 08:51AM

Re: Scott Adams thinks some on the Left have mass hysteria

The Faithful of Nazmorghul August 22, 2017 05:40AM

This is not the same as skepticism

PaulO August 23, 2017 06:21AM

I like how you point it out and then turn around to do it yourself.

Matrik August 22, 2017 02:32PM

Admitting mass hysteria is a start (n/t)

Kstatida August 22, 2017 05:46AM

You don't know because you are too smart to jump down the slippery slope of negative press covfefe. nt

Flipside Oreo August 21, 2017 12:31AM

That ol' nonsense? Ha ha ha! Anyone still believes that?

MiyagiYojimbo August 20, 2017 10:47PM

Do you believe all those events are hoaxes though? (n/t)

PaulO August 21, 2017 02:49AM

I honestly don't know.

MiyagiYojimbo August 21, 2017 04:50AM

<3 (n/t)

PaulO August 21, 2017 05:40AM

It would've been better

Kstatida August 20, 2017 10:46PM

Sandy Hook wasn't a hoax.Sam Hyde did it. (n/t)

Rhyaldrin August 20, 2017 05:39PM

How does he keep getting away with it?! nt

istirith August 21, 2017 10:02AM


Kstatida August 21, 2017 10:17AM

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