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October 23, 2018 06:11AM
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Welcome to KBK Reborn!

2018-09-17:  Bub the Great resurrects the old code.  KBK is a mindless zombie and stinks.
2018-10-01:  KBK is Reborn!  Juices are flowing, and the stink is mighty, but it lives.
2018-10-02:  Regeneration is doubled.  Learning rates are tripled.
2018-10-03:  Stability increases.  Ordering on defenses is changed to spec skills, parry,
             shield block, and then dodge.
2018-10-04:  Healers can now targetted uncurse items.  No uncurse flags are ignored in favor
             of playability.  Wilderness familiarity now (properly) boost dodging.
2018-10-05:  Renaming is now possible.  Unholy bless no longer removes stats on gaining
             charges.  Many database backend problems are address.
2018-10-06:  Curse weapon is fixed.  AP's cackle gleefully in the night and plot domination.
2018-10-08:  Hide and sneak improvement rates are boosted.  You still must vis to improve.
2018-10-10:  Large batch of area updates.  See Baal for more details... If you dare!
             Unholy blessing now removes all affects when applied.  No more boosting with
             curse weapon first.  Related note:  No longer crashes when unholy blessing.
             Web is now mortal accessible for bounty hunters.  Backfist now requires a
             properly free hand.  Unarmed defense is capped at 90% effectiveness.  Can no
             longer vanish into Bounty cabal.  True sight is possible in combat.
2018-10-11:  Wraithform now properly has damage reduction applied, instead of just a line
             in affects.  Assassin can vanish in combat.
2018-10-12:  Wield, dual, and wear commands split apart.  Wield for primary weapon, dual
             for dual wield.  Wear for everything else.  Sadly only having two hands
             continues to be true.
2018-10-14:  Serpent strike replaces anaconda stance for rangers.
2018-10-15:  Players now have access to otype (help otype) and vostat to find and identify
             items and see what their limits and count are.  In game item DB... sort of.
2018-10-15:  Limited items will always spawn on NPCs and never vaporize on their death,
             but beware:  When a PC dies there is a chance it vaporizes if it is over limit.
2018-10-16:  Ranger now at home in all wilds.  Sylvan's slightly more dangerous as well.
2018-10-17:  Dual wielding for hand to hand is in.  Unarmed offense is out (not now) as it
             duplicated the functionality but was assassin only.
2018-10-17:  Mortals now have (limited) access to the path command which will give you the
             shortest path from your location to any area.  Enjoy!
2018-10-18:  Vampiric touch now available for mortal necros, is now two rounds to cast.
2018-10-19:  Diamondback stance for rangers upgraded and fixed.  Mobs now experience lag.
             Holy word's cost has dropped.  Pummel adjusted with dual wield changes...
             Vaporizing items give quest points.  Elementalist pets significantly upgraded.
2018-10-23:  Two handed paladins get a massive boost.  Swordplay a lot scarier.

See 'HELP CHANGES' for older changes.  See commits directly at:

[gitlab.com] to report issues!
We're very open to feedback, come check us out and let us know what you think.

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KBK/POS Reborn News

laearrist October 23, 2018 06:11AM

FYI, it's now being hosted at poskbk.net:8989 (n/t)

(vಠ_ಠ)> AngryFatKid October 23, 2018 04:43PM

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