mixed opinions

October 05, 2017 04:05PM
I am kind of mixed on how hard it should be to get into Battle. On the one hand (and I think I stole this from someone else in the forums), as a player I want to have fun and I want my fellow players to have fun. So if that means a quick and easy process to get into cabals so be it. Roll up, hit the interview hard, and get in. Whoever was posting was talking about logging in and hitting people with the funstick. I like the philosophy and if I have leader characters I will use it.

The other side of the coin is that some cabals should still be certain ways. I have always thought that Empire should be the easiest to get in and the easiest to get kicked out. Because I think their powers are stupid OP and because of the whole ideology behind villagers being elite, I thought it should be one of the hardest to get into (on par at least with Scarab). I don't think that the mage related quest is that terrible, but I also think that Meleck was a pledge until he heroed and he could not get in. When Meleck quit that character I wasn't surprised. So really, how do you balance it? If the goal is to make the cabal a little harder than the others to get into but a little easier than it has been then what do you think is a good idea?

Is it really that hard to get a mage kill by mid 20s? I am not being sarcastic, I just don't know. I am a serial mage player and almost never play battle because of my strong negative feelings about the cabal. So if it's really that hard because of low numbers what is a reasonable thing to do to prove how elite you are? I still think that for battle there should be 1. some kind of proof you are an elite warrior and 2. a slightly harder process to get in.

I would be comfortable if it were any kill of an enemy. I think that of the idea is to prove you are an elite warrior bringing the scalp of another warrior (especially one who is higher rank) would be good proof. This does mean that we would see an uptick in the old "Hey let's rank - oh! I bashed you to death" traps because other warriors NEVER suspect that....
Debate away friends.
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Is Battlerager Elitism still relevant?

frob October 05, 2017 03:14PM

My thought on joining the village.

xrus October 07, 2017 02:16AM

Current leaders are on allllll the time (n/t)

demos October 07, 2017 09:05PM

I've seen both of the leaders in the past two days, multiple times. Probably more than that but I don't remember everything. (n/t)

Frosty October 07, 2017 06:33AM

Re: Is Battlerager Elitism still relevant?

alansmithee October 06, 2017 02:16PM

Do you mastrubate while writing on dios? Since

mharldarn October 09, 2017 02:47PM

You are irony impaired.

alansmithee October 11, 2017 08:23AM

Look who got the butthurt here, our jew advocate! :)

mharldarn October 11, 2017 11:50PM

Do go see a physician about that localized pain you're feeling. It can kill you if it goes untreated. (n/t)

alansmithee October 13, 2017 05:10AM

Aren't you the guy that posted an image of his office with TP dispenser attached to desk? (n/t)

Matrik October 11, 2017 02:06PM

For the record, it was a loose roll of TP

HairyOrangutan October 13, 2017 07:54PM

Oh stop being envious

Kstatida October 11, 2017 08:28AM

I am Russian.

alansmithee October 11, 2017 09:01AM

Thank you

Kstatida October 11, 2017 09:09AM

Um, did I misread that? Anti-sematism isn't cool or appropriate. (n/t)

saagkri October 09, 2017 02:55PM

In Russia, we don't give a shit about jew jokes

Kstatida October 10, 2017 01:21AM

I meant anti-semitism and I didn't get the joke. (n/t)

saagkri October 10, 2017 07:37AM

It's beront understanding of wordplay in English

Kstatida October 10, 2017 10:51PM

It's so nice of you to translate from beront-speak.

Murphy October 12, 2017 03:01AM

So a jew supremacist? (n/t)

Matrik October 12, 2017 04:14PM

According to badboy (n/t)

Kstatida October 12, 2017 11:03PM

All native speakers, I suppose?

Kstatida October 12, 2017 03:03AM

These are translator's false friends. In beront-speak, "I'm sorry" actually means "Fuck you". (n/t)

Murphy October 12, 2017 04:16AM

Zet right, comrade, ill kill er lazt. Be my perzonal translator

mharldarn October 12, 2017 04:34AM

Romanian I wager :)

Kstatida October 12, 2017 05:08AM


mharldarn October 12, 2017 05:16AM

Lol. (n/t)

Matrik October 09, 2017 03:21PM

Re: Is Battlerager Elitism still relevant?

asker October 09, 2017 01:22PM

I thought my last Rager would be OP

Kez October 06, 2017 02:29PM

What was the build? (n/t)

xrus October 07, 2017 04:23AM

Frost HTH/flail HPM lol :) (n/t)

Kstatida October 10, 2017 10:53PM

The Battle Issue

saagkri October 06, 2017 12:58AM

It's not enough

frob October 06, 2017 07:38AM

Can you give give example of the elitism?

TJHuron October 05, 2017 06:36PM

here's two

frob October 05, 2017 07:46PM

mixed opinions

ellokraine October 05, 2017 04:05PM

So you say yes?

frob October 05, 2017 08:07PM

Re: So you say yes?

ellokraine October 06, 2017 07:31AM

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