Kstat just posted it...

October 10, 2017 05:24PM
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hit roll minimum

fdialke October 08, 2017 08:01AM

EHL is wearing bracelet +5 hr, think about it

zanzarin October 08, 2017 06:45PM

What is EHL? (n/t)

Kez October 09, 2017 12:30AM

Empire's Handicapped Leader (n/t)

Kstatida October 09, 2017 01:36AM

This is inspiring, but also telling if a mentally challenged player can PK and become Emperor as a STSF drow dagger spec. STSF may need to be toned down. (n/t)

saagkri October 09, 2017 02:56AM

Last time i checked, twist went 50% pk ratio with his stsf

mharldarn October 09, 2017 03:54AM

Selective log-in emperor, with perma for the past year vs. Nightreaver that threw himself into every fight. He died, then would come back. He didn't log on, type 'who perma' and then log off when no one was awake. (n/t)

funnyone October 10, 2017 02:14AM

So what you're saying is you're upset because nobody ever wants to perma with you?

jalim October 10, 2017 02:31AM

Yes, that’s it. My need to hav someone log on with me on this mud. One day you will find worth in your day that doesn’t involve the need to insult someone so you can try to get a friend. That makes for a sad life but one day you will have an epiphany. (n/t)

funnyone October 10, 2017 01:26PM

You are welcome to join the discord channel. The you two can talk shit in real time. (n/t)

laearrist October 10, 2017 03:20PM

Re: You are welcome to join the discord channel. The you two can talk shit in real time.

demos October 10, 2017 03:29PM

Kstat just posted it...

laearrist October 10, 2017 05:24PM

You imply Twist is not handicapped? (n/t)

Kstatida October 09, 2017 03:56AM

Anyone can become the Emperor if they're mentally challenged

Kstatida October 09, 2017 03:14AM

Are you trying to pull Chewbacca defense? Smart n/t

mharldarn October 08, 2017 10:05PM


demos October 08, 2017 09:07AM

It all depends on level. THACO is level and class dependent. (n/t)

laearrist October 08, 2017 10:27AM

This (n/t)

Kstatida October 08, 2017 11:45PM

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