All praise Umiron!

November 02, 2017 10:54PM


Below is an outline that describes the various ways characters earn
edge points.

1. Experiences

Characters receive edge points for reaching the following tiers of XP:
* Commerce XP: 7.5k, 15k (L30+), and 30k (L51).
* Exploration XP: 5k, 10k (L30+), 15k (L51), and 30k (L51).
* Imm XP: 500, 1k, 2k, and 3k.
* Observation XP: 5k, 10k (L30+), and 15k (L51).
* Role XP: 1.4k.

Note: For the above only, substitute L51 with 47 for necromancers,
50 for orcs, and 40 for goblins.

2. Cabal Related

Characters receive edge points for meeting the the following cabal
* 10, 25, 50, and 100 retrievals against opposition.
* Being made a leader (any position that can INDUCT) for the first time.

3. Level / Age

Characters receive edge points upon hitting the following milestones:
* Reaching hero (level 51).
* Additional bonus for reaching hero (level 51) as some race/class
combinations based on popularity and other factors.
* Reaching old age.

4. PK

Edge points are not rewarded for PK accomplishment.

* 15+ losses with an overall PK ratio below 1:3.

Edge points are not rewarded for ANYTHING not listed above.

This seems to be so much more balanced and aimed at character longevity than before.

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All praise Umiron!

Kstatida November 02, 2017 10:54PM

Is there anyway to check how much exploration, commerce and obs exp you have? (n/t)

Kez November 07, 2017 01:25PM

score exp (n/t)

Murphy November 07, 2017 01:50PM

I definitely like the new numbers. (n/t)

Kstatida November 05, 2017 12:53PM

Someone post how many edge choices you have after losing 3 con at level 11 plz.

jalim November 04, 2017 05:37AM

Nah, that's shit tradeoff

Kstatida November 04, 2017 07:25AM

Assassin Party!

ellokraine November 03, 2017 06:42PM

Huh, Tattoo isn't listed. Edit: Umi just confirmed no edge points for tats now.

KoeKhaos November 03, 2017 09:36AM

I wonder, does this mean that for existing characters, they'll get EP for things they've already accomplished? (n/t)

BlkDrgn November 03, 2017 05:28AM

No retroactive effect, sorry.

Kstatida November 03, 2017 10:54AM

Umiron is as weak as Dmitry Medvedev who cannot even protect their own changes.

shaapa November 03, 2017 05:08AM

To be fair, he's doing what almost everyone wanted.

KoeKhaos November 03, 2017 09:34AM

Is he, now?

Murphy November 03, 2017 08:09PM

Observation just replaced commerce.

Brujah November 04, 2017 02:25AM

Read better

Kstatida November 04, 2017 07:24AM

Yes, but commerce was like 1 ep per 1000k commerce pre change (n/t)

Brujah November 13, 2017 08:17AM

I have no idea about EP numbers

Kstatida November 13, 2017 09:54AM

The helpful prechange was EP(s) for 3 or 5K then additional per 1k exp, max 24k (n/t)

Brujah November 14, 2017 12:09PM

Cool bory stro. (n/t)

Frosty November 03, 2017 10:17PM

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