Anybody have a wand list they'd be willing to share?

December 29, 2017 05:21AM
Rolled up a char for the first time in quite a while and realized that I've lost my prep lists. Much appreciated.

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Anybody have a wand list they'd be willing to share?

DuneTree December 29, 2017 05:21AM

IC a cabal mate has always walked me thru all the wands I needed (n/t)

Zheeser January 02, 2018 09:25AM

I've been quietly asking around the same, learning one location that's never in per character is for the birds

mcbeth December 29, 2017 06:07AM

Personally I hate the new system. Don't understand half the cryptic hints for barrier and only may 70 to 80 for aura. (n/t)

Returner December 29, 2017 10:51PM

99% of the hints are disgustingly transparent.

Murphy January 03, 2018 07:50PM

Join the discord channel

Kstatida December 30, 2017 02:52AM

What's ironic(and funny as hell) is people not in cheat rings joining the discord channel to keep tabs on the cheat rings. (n/t)

Frosty December 30, 2017 07:34AM

Sad to hear. (n/t)

Matrik December 30, 2017 06:56AM

The trick is...

jalim December 29, 2017 06:23AM

Re: The trick is...

Brujah December 31, 2017 03:11AM


saagkri December 31, 2017 04:20AM

I think you showed me some invoker specific ones a while I had Arim and you had a Paladin, yeah

mcbeth December 29, 2017 08:21AM

=) PM if you still need help. n/t

jalim December 29, 2017 10:11AM

I'd like to get such list too, but have to gather such info IC little by little. n/t (n/t)

anta December 29, 2017 06:01AM

PM if you still need any help. nt

sleepy December 30, 2017 09:53AM

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