Or maybe you accept that you don't like the game and fuck off

June 29, 2018 07:52AM
I'm sorry that your life is so very pathetic that this means so much to you, but the game is what it is.

Accept it or move the fuck on already. Christ.
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Shaapa (doryur) got fucked.

physics June 26, 2018 04:05AM

Poor shaapa. Habitual cheater and is looking for sympathy on the boards. You keep getting kicked out for the same thing. Google the word insanity. (n/t)

funnyone June 26, 2018 05:57PM

I wonder if you're truly this stupid, or if you just like making shit up.

Java June 26, 2018 06:34AM

Java, you think you are smartest guy here?

zanzarin July 02, 2018 07:42PM

Yeah, probably, but that's not really relevant

Java July 02, 2018 10:38PM

I think they all work at the Russian troll farm and they have nothing to do until September, and we won’t see them again until after elections. (n/t)

funnyone June 26, 2018 05:58PM

no he didn't. plus, it isn't Battlempire.

The Forsaken(VIP) June 26, 2018 06:31AM

Actually, at least from when Thror took over, it's not.

alansmithee June 26, 2018 10:00AM

i don't disagree. i had first drillmaster when thror led battle and that

The Forsaken(VIP) June 26, 2018 10:51AM

Re: Shaapa (doryur) got fucked.

ekvilibr June 26, 2018 05:22AM

Let's break this down

Tadam June 26, 2018 05:03AM

Did we just become best friends? Do you wanna make a bunk bed? This is spot on and I thought his punishment was weak. Should’ve gotten the boot. (n/t)

funnyone June 26, 2018 06:01PM

Just looks like ragers have becomes carebears.

KoeKhaos June 26, 2018 04:46PM

That's not precisely correct, as I read these logs.

alansmithee June 26, 2018 09:58AM

The problem I see..

Java June 26, 2018 10:37AM

The problem I see is who gives a shit

physics June 27, 2018 04:36PM

Or maybe you accept that you don't like the game and fuck off

Dalbrin June 29, 2018 07:52AM

Lots of players still bring new spice to these 20 year cabals. But you have to, ya know, TRY and role play to see it. (n/t)

Frosty June 27, 2018 06:50PM

Re: Let's break this down

mcbeth June 26, 2018 06:45AM

Generally I complain about heavy handed enforcement from imms...

kadsuane June 26, 2018 06:38AM

Re: Let's break this down

bufu June 26, 2018 06:33AM

I thought Jormyr really had on the kid gloves

Quas June 26, 2018 06:04AM

That’s because he can’t set up triggers to answer those questions. I also agree that the imm was being too nice. (n/t)

funnyone June 26, 2018 06:03PM

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