Re: Neutral Conjurers - Are they just a bad decision?

December 06, 2007 02:04PM
It's a misconception that neutral conjies conjure worse servies than evil / good. They conjure the same strength servies. The problem with neutral conjies is that they've an almost impossible task of keeping their servitors happy. Basically, if you're not killing things and making your demons/devils/angels/archons happy you will be turned on. Neutral conjies are also the only combo that I've played that's had their own elementals turn on them.

The reason that neutral conjies suck bad, is that their cabal options are pathetic. Evil conjurers are only playable because of despoil. One of the nasty little secrets of evil conjies is that devils turn on them at 50%. A conjurer with 600 hps (average in mid-ranks) effectively has 300 hps to fight with before they are auto-dead. All the other guy has to do is hit you a few times and your devil will finish the job. PVP demons turn on you at only 25%... but you understand the premise.

Good conjurers can join maran, and get some nice defensive stuff. Plus, their archons will cast fast enough to make them a beefy tank.

Neutral conjurers get dick for cabal powers, and their devils + archons will be slow.

The also get screwed by random "protection from".. a conjie dam redux mainstay.

Imagine conjies as toothpicks holding up an anvil. The toothpick just needs brushed and the conjie self destructs. Only through lots and lots of +hp gear and defensive cabal powers can they really pack a punch.
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Neutral Conjurers - Are they just a bad decision?

AncientNewbie December 06, 2007 01:39PM

The are doable

pintose December 06, 2007 04:26PM

Re: Neutral Conjurers - Are they just a bad decision?

infi December 06, 2007 02:04PM

Their servitors do not perform as well as they would for their respect aligns.

Yhorian(VIP) December 06, 2007 02:11PM

I stand corrected. Across the board they suck ass

infi December 06, 2007 02:27PM

In the hands of a bad player, perhaps. nt

Nivek(VIP) December 06, 2007 02:43PM

You know, I was happy until the board switched over.

Scrimbul December 06, 2007 02:37PM

Waaah! nt

istirith December 08, 2007 01:26AM

Ack. Meant for infi. Not you Scrimbul nt.

istirith December 08, 2007 01:27AM

Seeing as how the old forum isn't archived yet...

Scrimbul December 06, 2007 02:03PM

That's no excuse.

DurNominator(VIP) December 06, 2007 02:39PM

New answer to AN: use fucking search, noob :) nt

Scrimbul December 06, 2007 04:49PM

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