Its a mud function

December 07, 2007 10:17AM
They see your char name when you log in, and if they are bored they can set it so you see people connect too.
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Niheriva's PBF

alansmithee December 06, 2007 05:29PM

Its probably unbalanced, but too trivial for me to care about. n/t

Death_Claw December 07, 2007 02:17PM

I got about the same with my paladin recently

ExPaladin(VIP) December 07, 2007 01:32AM

Ironically, I think your arial powerpuff battlerager (Eulina?) was the worst example of role exp padding.

Balrahd(VIP) December 06, 2007 06:36PM

That pbf still makes me smile 550 hours of awesomeness that was. nt

Yhorian(VIP) December 06, 2007 07:05PM

Re: Niheriva's PBF

adam_gay December 06, 2007 06:19PM

I'm not bothered by it.

Nivek(VIP) December 06, 2007 06:05PM

I'm one of the players biggest fans.

Sam December 06, 2007 06:11PM

WHO THE HELL PLAYED HIM? *ahem* I'd like to know!~

Blackbird December 08, 2007 01:32AM

If it hurts players' feelings, I don't know what to say.

Nivek(VIP) December 06, 2007 06:19PM

Because imms are infallable.

Yhorian(VIP) December 06, 2007 05:59PM

Re: Niheriva's PBF

lightmage December 06, 2007 05:51PM

If you look at the PBF you can see that he logged <3 hours in 10 days...

Inquisitor December 08, 2007 11:02AM

When will you understand that high ranked imm CAN see IP n/t

Elhe December 06, 2007 06:04PM

I would hope they did not do it on purpose

NbM December 07, 2007 06:48AM

Its a mud function

Guy December 07, 2007 10:17AM

Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Some of us want to keep our innocence! NT

Sam December 06, 2007 06:04PM

This is why I'm not the biggest fan of the edge system...

Sam December 06, 2007 05:50PM

Re: Niheriva's PBF

llohuir December 06, 2007 05:43PM

Nobody said anything about entitlement.

alansmithee December 06, 2007 06:11PM

Re: Niheriva's PBF

Bryan December 06, 2007 05:36PM

For paladins, no. In general, yes. nt

crafteddeception December 06, 2007 05:38PM

Ohh, ok then . nt

Bryan December 06, 2007 05:41PM

Re: Niheriva's PBF

crafteddeception December 06, 2007 05:36PM

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