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December 08, 2007 05:41AM
As a Mino, you're going to always have some trouble dodging. This means that for starters, you need to focus on keeping your weapon. You will suck if parry is taken away. Make sure you have either some +str gear or a lighter weight weapon, and seek out no-remove weapons whenever possible. At your level, almost all of the dexy characters will have trouble with HP. Use this to your advantage by hitting them with high damage spec skills or by packing a damage roll good enough to kill them in 4-6 hits. (This advantage declines into higher ranks, when their high int/wis and better gear gives them more of a chance to catch up on HP).

As far as your spec, sword will have a HUGE initial impact on your melee ability. Flourintine at 75% turns you into a beast of a level 20, and you should stop getting outmeleed by all but the best characters. To boot you will eventually get riposte and giant flurry, so this is a tried and true specialization. If you're having trouble in pk, chances are you need a spec like this to cut your teeth on, because it's less difficult to play with IMO.

Axe spec will offer a lot of damage and some disarm/lagging/malediction potential. The issue here is that axes are easy to dodge, and those dexy people might not get hit by them as much as you need. You won't be tanking very well with low dex and axes unless everything is perfected. Axe works slightly better once you have resist ;)

As for your choice of the village, you will lose a lot of your escapability in combat, so you might also want to consider a spec that has some escape options as either your first or second spec. For this you have whip (choke/eyejab), dagger (hamstring to slow them down, maledicts to dissuade them from continuing), and hand spec (stun). Dagger would be rough on a Minotaur, so really whip or hand would be your second choice if you start with sword.

I have a lot more ideas rattling around in my brain, but I'll leave you with these for now. Others will have their own wisdom to offer.

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Help with medium dex/high str giant-sized warrior pls...

zen December 08, 2007 05:08AM

Depends on how you want to play..

Someone Not Special, Esquire December 08, 2007 10:53AM

My Tip Set

Kamuela December 08, 2007 05:41AM

how does high int/wis help you get more hp?nt

Inquisitor December 08, 2007 11:43AM


Kamuela December 08, 2007 02:10PM

Re: how does high int/wis help you get more hp?nt

Bryan December 08, 2007 11:51AM

Sword rocks.

Krilcov December 08, 2007 05:32AM

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