February 21, 2021 07:56PM
1. Did ya read the log?

c 'forsaken portal'
You hurl ashes to the night sky, invoking the shadows to envelop this place.
The Dark Healer closes her eyes for a moment and nods at someone.

2. The beckon might have helped there but you'll notice I didn't have much time between when they showed up and got engaged. Sure, I could have but usually that thing dies instantly.

3. You realize I cast blind like 4 times in that fight right? Really wondering if you actually looked at the log.
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Fun times being a necro

torak 126 February 20, 2021 11:46AM

Now, I don't know much about necros...

Java 77 February 20, 2021 03:18PM


torak 75 February 20, 2021 05:06PM

Torak CF is just not good for you.

TripHitNdip 40 February 23, 2021 11:23AM

You didn't have to call him a bitch. A bitch wouldn't have even tried playing again.

Frosty 35 February 23, 2021 12:50PM

Just because he doesn't know where wands are now doesn't mean he wouldn't have shared a list. n/t

jalim 11 February 23, 2021 04:04PM

You and I both know item knowledge isn't the case here. I don't know why you brought that up.

Frosty 35 February 23, 2021 04:14PM

RE: I knew the assassin was there but I was tired of running

jalim 46 February 22, 2021 04:57AM

Re: Actually...

Necro 58 February 21, 2021 06:46PM


torak 57 February 21, 2021 07:56PM

Re: Umm

Necro 49 February 22, 2021 03:31AM

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