Re: Folsa v. Zridv #2

January 27, 2008 07:51AM
If I were Folsa, I'd try to keep +str gear so that you could wield some sort of mace vs assassins. Go for boneshatter then cranial or something of that nature. With daggers, I'd probably hamstring then spam stab. I wouldn't really go for artery unless you were aiming to kill entirely with bleeding. Ala, hurl torso, artery, stab. Strength maledictions for the sake of maledicting strength is probably wasted on most assassins. Stab spam is underestimated. Especially once he started doing double spin kick you might've actually killed him with it.
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Folsa v. Zridv #2

Nivek(VIP) 546 January 24, 2008 01:41AM

Re: Folsa v. Zridv #2

Death_Claw 402 January 27, 2008 07:51AM

Mostly good advice, still the best way to beat an assassin is PINCER!!!!! NT

Sam 279 January 27, 2008 12:21PM


ekirhal 678 January 24, 2008 01:51AM

Ouch. Dagger skills gone to waste.

theepic 463 January 24, 2008 08:20PM


Nivek(VIP) 394 January 25, 2008 11:03AM

Wouldn't hamstring nuke evade even more, since it hits dex? nt

Isildur(VIP) 282 January 26, 2008 09:28AM

I never knew when to use hamstring. Most of the time, I used it at the wrong time, and died. NT

Sam 277 January 27, 2008 12:22PM

Yeah. But hamstring is two rounds and init only. One round artery can be done at any time. nt

Drokk 321 January 26, 2008 11:28AM

I believe because of the one-round lag. I could be mistaken however. NT

Sam 305 January 24, 2008 09:43PM

spike boots are a bummer. txt

Isildur(VIP) 530 January 24, 2008 07:28AM

I don't know where you see Fluid Deceptions in this log. That's an incarnadine wave affect :) NT

Sam 351 January 24, 2008 10:25AM

Ah, so it is. I retract that part, then. nt

Isildur(VIP) 307 January 24, 2008 12:29PM

I don't think he chose that legacy, probably an imm reward.

The Forsaken(VIP) 447 January 24, 2008 08:40AM

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