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January 15, 2017 07:19PM
Got once too many deaths by assassins' throw skill. Saw the board's complaints about assassin, didn't realize it until I face a few and see how OP it is. What the hell happened to the assassin class? I got my arse whopped lol. I have play for many years and have never seen assassins specifically use throw and ground control for the win until recently. They don't even try to do other things now from what I see from the village assassins to the fortress assassins. Sigh, I got my butt semi-permalag by throw and ground control on my little duergar thief on the most uncomplicated battle ever; basically I input blackjack and then flee flee flee flee.... and then got thrown to death -outdamaged by the throw and ground control damage- by a fortress assassin while I have stone skin, protection versus good, flying and poppies up. Someone really farked up CF big time and it ain't me. Though thank you for the last name :D

Anyways, it was fun while it lasts, thanks for all who make it fun.

About the thug thief class:

Thieves are good for stealing.

Weapontrip sucks, if anyone want to fix the assassin class, a good fix would be to make weapon-trip for assassins and the throw and ground control skill for thieves. At least that will make up for little lagging abilities that thieves have. But who am I kidding right lol.

Weapon butt blackjack sucks, good for mobs, not good for characters. With what I can remember, I have one successful weapon blackjack on Okca and Kia each, the rest of the dozens of attempts fail nicely one after the other until I stop trying to chance it.

Sorry Shadow Lord for the demote, no hard feeling, you are in my spot :D
Thanks for the demote Emperor :D, from what I see, the only useful skill for an imperial shadow is given as a Shadow Dweller so I really don't mind being demoted.
The rest of the Empire, you are a strong team.


A special thanks to the good village assassin who got tired of throwing me to death and let me climb the ranks, you know who you are.

Tril: Thanks for the phylactery.

Aar the KingPin: I really don't like gear lockers... and you are one. By the way, you tell the Emperor about me breaking imperial laws with no proof? Such a big sissy lol. The sad thing is the Emperor did demote me just by your words, which like I have mention above mean little for a shadow. I was getting bored and if I was anathema I would enjoy it immensely as I would have more targets to steal from :D

I know I stole a bunch of things and it sucks, I'm gone now, rejoice! I like the thieves class, when I come back I would try an arial full thug with scrolls to maximize the mechanical aspect of thieving: by building commerce points and gain edge points, by taking advantage of the dex changes, and by maximizing the fun by stealing from those strong classes I have no business fighting. I want to try this once the asssassin class is changed :D
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Chunun deleted

badboy 407 January 15, 2017 07:19PM

Well damn

Lokith 225 January 16, 2017 03:09AM

Throw can Permalag

bloodmoon 203 January 16, 2017 03:16AM

Ahhh that's never happened for me then (n/t)

Lokith 143 January 16, 2017 03:17AM

It doesn't happen often until you have master of Nage waza + ground fighter edge

bloodmoon 210 January 16, 2017 03:44AM

It may not be guaranteed but with the assassin skill set it doesn't have to be

TJHuron 183 January 16, 2017 05:31AM

Don't get stalked. :) (n/t)

Frosty 150 January 16, 2017 07:57AM

Hah, right? I don't even think you need to get stalked all the time! The haste melee output with throw & GC dam is often enough (n/t)

TJHuron 132 January 16, 2017 08:06AM

If they're not permalagged and they can flee, it's not enough. It's funny people are STILL talking about how OP throw assassins are, yet nobody is making note of all the failed throw assassins that have deleted.

Frosty 180 January 16, 2017 08:13AM

What I'm saying is if an assassin catches someone uprepped and moving they can kill them before they get a chance to flee

TJHuron 173 January 16, 2017 09:30AM

That's true, it's possible. What I'm saying is it's not a guarantee. (n/t)

Frosty 141 January 17, 2017 01:51PM

You broke Imperial Law a lot. Was that by design?

Rhyaldrin 223 January 16, 2017 12:12AM

Re: You broke Imperial Law a lot. Was that by design?

badboy 207 January 16, 2017 09:03AM

There have been other assassins that had those edges and used them to their full abilities. It's not a new thing. (n/t)

Frosty 138 January 15, 2017 08:14PM

I do believe Nepenthe was the prototype :)

Sam 242 January 15, 2017 08:32PM

I do believe the there were others before him. Two players at least, that I'm pretty sure aren't playing anymore. (n/t)

Frosty 145 January 15, 2017 09:02PM

Jycenna! I almost forget about her

TheShamanman 230 January 15, 2017 08:46PM

You are kinda Nep's kryptonite killed Cabdru remember? NT

Sam 156 January 16, 2017 04:02AM

So, in a nutshell, throw > steal.

Murphy 194 January 15, 2017 07:29PM

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