Wasn't too worried about that

April 19, 2017 07:14AM
In 1v1s, disarms can usually be countered by rewielding, and polearms are difficult to disarm and may just give me 2 more rounds with which to attack the enemy. Never really had a problem with orcs or normal disarmers, the only issue I had was with the strip skill which can disarm and place the weapon in the stripper's inventory. In fact I killed Zugnu 2 or 3 times I think (but fled more times than that).

In fact, wielding a disarmable weapon in 1v1 situations is a kind of baiting, it makes the opponent think they've got a chance to kill you if they time a clutch disarm. That's exactly what I want them to think.

You really don't want to make a build which the enemy thinks "well I can't do anything to you, I've got 0 chance at all". I definitely had this problem with my dark-elf sword spec. Some enemies had pretty much 0 chance against me when I was decked, but they sure as hell didn't even bother to fight me 1v1. PK is not about building an invincible juggernaut.

You want a build which technically they can overcome with the right tactics, AND if you make noob mistakes (but you will not). And you want a build which can seal the deal on unwilling participants. The most ideal version being a build that can sneak up on an enemy unseen, and bring him from 100% to 0% with high probability (assassin with martial trance or 100% assassinate for enemies with Word).

In gangs, disarm would be a problem. But a giant warrior isn't really designed to face 1vX situations, I shouldn't be fighting those fights at all unless there's one "soft" target I can take out with a good 600 hp drum or something.

If an Anathema-happy Emperor is around and may boot me for not turning up to face a gang, I quaff a spiderhands prep and enough damage reduction to make death-by-lag or death-by-burst unlikely.

Also there's Khalghaver's Bane, Fordurn, mace of (element), which are not disarmable. If I had no spiderhands and had to face a gang with a disarm plan, I could dual wield maces with a noremove mainhand.
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Autodeleted Ada: positive experience with giant pole spec

starbright 454 April 19, 2017 02:08AM

I fought Ada.

xrus 219 April 30, 2017 01:35AM

No wonder

Kstatida 334 April 19, 2017 02:26AM

I blame skill practice

starbright 355 April 19, 2017 06:35AM

Until someone disarms you.

Murphy 330 April 19, 2017 06:56AM

Wasn't too worried about that

starbright 332 April 19, 2017 07:14AM

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