September 09, 2017 05:22AM
I don't think someone who takes hard core rager stance after leader should have been okay with using healing weapon/ring/sleeves as lowbie.

I don't think a leader should require 2 recommendations when the cabal is at such a low point that there are only 3 players said recommendations could come from who hadn't been seen in 4 weeks during my play time.

I don't think a leader should intentionally make up a reason and tell an applicant they will never be in that cabal for said reason with both parties knowing it's a lie but the leader wanting to make the applicant feel 'loss'.

If I play CF to relax and unwind and I only have 30 minutes a day, and I spend 4 weeks at level 15 trying to get a mage kill because there are only 6 players on when I'm playing and none are ever lowbie mages...I am really gonna resent a leader that does the above.
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Is it possible....

Mjothvitnir 490 September 07, 2017 09:04PM

Post your character name and the post will be legit (n/t)

Zheeser 208 October 17, 2017 06:20PM

Damnit, all this drama wants to make me roll Battle.

wrathpuppet 292 September 09, 2017 11:36PM


jalim 332 September 09, 2017 05:22AM

I guess I might be wrong about the armor thing.

jalim 286 September 09, 2017 12:58PM

But there's a LOT more to BATTLE than just "I killed a mage now give me cabal powers." And don't act like that's not true, cuz you know better. (n/t)

Frosty 214 September 09, 2017 06:18AM


jalim 303 September 09, 2017 06:46AM

No, not okay.

Frosty 285 September 09, 2017 07:19AM


jalim 275 September 09, 2017 07:46AM

Re: Okay.

Frosty 257 September 09, 2017 11:28AM

Sounds great see you at the fish fry sorry for yelling. n/t

jalim 199 September 09, 2017 11:34AM

I'll make deviled eggs. /nt/

Frosty 201 September 09, 2017 12:17PM

I'll give my reasons

sleepy 314 September 09, 2017 01:28AM


Matrik 314 September 08, 2017 07:05AM

Because it was Stevers

Kstatida 306 September 07, 2017 11:09PM

Because they couldn't PK him. Case closed. n/t

Stevers 208 September 07, 2017 09:35PM

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