Marzzett is gone

November 18, 2017 09:25PM
Well folks. Marzzett is gone. I enjoyed this character for a long time. I liked him much longer than I liked many other characters. I tend to play them a lot while levelling and interacting then when I hero I grow bored. I really tried to maintain the same speech pattern throughout, and to play dumb as much as I could. It was not easy, and I know that at least once I was talking to someone and was pissed and the speech pattern fell. I am sorry for that. I enjoyed the Fire AP experience. I am terrible at PK so I know I would never have a big weapon. One of the choices you obviously face is where to level sit once you have unholy blessing. Even at 36 I thought I was fighting shifters with their top tier forms and warriors with both specs too often. So I decided I would hammer up to hero where at least I did not have the level disadvantage. I do not like low int characters. Man, the time invested in perfecting stuff is senseless. Some specifics..

lochlan/ tahka As always I am impressed with your reckless pk and how you change the balance of power in the game. When you were lochlan it was all Tribunal. When you were tahka you emptied tribunal and Marzzett was the only one who played any length of time consistently. Luckily for me I was well below you in titles most of the time.

Cerybis: I am glad you got provost. By the time you and I were in the running for it I had really begun to lose interest in Marzzett. I think you do a great job. I will say I have noticed with my current character your playtime has tapered off as well. I always tell myself that if I am going to be a leader I need to be one who is on a lot or at least regularly. When I lost interest in Marzzett I was glad you had stepped in to do it. You never broke character and I enjoyed working with you.

Vramun: Always impressed by how well you did with a warrior. I am a mage player and only rarely adventure in to assassins. Great job by you.

Glaunm: We worked together a lot. I am glad you are War Master and I think you are pretty good at being in character and at being aggressive. War Masters should be like villagers and comets. They should blaze a path across the sky and burn out quickly.

Vezrin: Wow! You are awesome and hilarious. I think you play reckless and look to go into cities and tear stuff up. I think you play an outlander the way it should be played. "Eat up butter cup" indeed!

Hunsodin: First of all let me say you seem to be a very capable player and I appreciate that. Our few speaking interactions were terse the way they should have been. The only beef I have with you is saying you never ganked me when the two times you killed me you summoned me to you and Yanni. I loved how you were sometimes indignant with my actions. As far as the letter of the law was concerned, I know you are right. As far as playing an evil character enforcing the law and making it work for him... That's what it is about. You are right I should not have thrown iceballs inside Galadon like that. But I am not gonna watch 3 of you gank down Cerybis and let it ride. A goodie or neutral would have done something different. Marzzett wanted to blow everything away and live with the consequences. When you demanded I mark myself as criminal I almost fell off my keyboard laughing. My defense to Cerybis (who also called me on it) was going to be the same as if Ishuli called me on it...Cerybis lived.

Yanni: People keep telling me you are conservative. I fought you several times. Usually it was with Hunso but there were a couple times you just ran into Galadon and starting smashing me or Cery. I don't know you role or character but when I see that kind of play and see how you fight in logs I am always impressed.

Emnon: Thank you for the Immteraction. I had chosen sphere death before you had returned. In truth I am a terrible pkiller. I still love this game and play it so I just accept that. After our interaction I really tried to go out and be more aggressive. It isn't my normal play style. But I was losing interest in the character, your interaction was great (Did you like that? I want to riot in death? I amaze even me sometimes). and I tried to play it different. Some time ago Joker on the main board here said just go all out and if you die you die. I really try. I just feel like I win if I can hero without a point of con loss. But thanks again. I hope you saw I tried to change even though I failed.

Thorawyn: Nothing nice to say so if you don't wanna hear it stop right here. You are a griefer and trash. The thing is you were not always. While Cardric was playing and Lochlan was lower in level (but could still fight you) you were still fairly aggressive, even though lochlan was killing you. I appreciate that if that is how you play. Go get em. but then the imms talked to Lochlan because he took 4 of your con points and either you whined about it or they felt bad for you. Either way Lochlan stopped killing you and I am pissed off at him to this day because you became a griefer. How do I justify that? You would log on for 20 minutes, summon all zombies (When I was cardric) and quit. You never moved for the scales. I will never know how the French you summoned one of my zombies from the ghoul tunnels. I thought that was impossible. You know how hard it is to get a zombie crew of quality. But that is how you chose to play. If you had summoned the zombies then come for the scales maybe I could have respected that as a tactic. No. You just summoned zombies and quit out. LAter, when I was marzzett, you would run into town, wither, and run out. No move to the Captain to take the scales. Were you trying to age death the character? What the hell were you trying to accomplish? I don't know that after the Imms called lochlan off you that I ever saw you come one on one. And I am a shit pkiller. That makes you a griefer with this character and trash. I wish Lochlan had said f the imms and buried you. When I call him on the phone I still tell him I am pissed about that. You freaking jv benchwarmer.

Overall a very positive experience with this character. I think the most charges I ever had at once was 4 with a total of 7 over the life of the character. Yanni and Hunso took my weapons both times. I was kind of mad about it but from a roleplay standpoint don't they almost have to? I am a serial mage player but this one seemed like it wanted to play more like a warrior. That made it tougher for me. My next ap will be drow or arial. Or human. Something with more than 15 int for sure. Thanks to almost all!
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Marzzett is gone

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Unholy weapons

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For me it depends on two factors

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