Re: Marzzett is gone

November 19, 2017 07:23PM
I can dig it that you are saying a goodie should be summoning zombies, but to me you are griefing if it doesn't lead to something. When you log in for 20 minutes, summon zombies, and log out, that is griefing. By way of comparison, you log in, pull 2 or 3 zombies, then hit the captain to try to take back the scales, that seems reasonable. To me, that is the main difference; log in sessions with the sole intent of setting a necro who does not have the zombie lord or master animator edges back 45 minutes to an hour for no damned reason. And it was not a one off. It was constant. It was "Oh, Thorawyn logged in, better throw the zombies in a guild."

To illustrate another difference, Vezrin would run in and wither. He would then flee out if it didn't hit. Fine. Reset yourself. But if wither did hit, Vezrin was ready to rock and roll with the fight. What is the point of log on, wither you, run and camo, log off?

The log in, summon log, log off or the log in , wither once or twice, log off pattern is what sets me off. If he withers me and runs from me to the captain, fine! Good strategery, right? If he withers me and hits me with famish/poison great job by him. I cannot hold a weapon or shield and have to teleport or die.

I do not know for certain if Thorawyn said something to the Imms or if the imms took it upon themselves to say something to Lochlan. I Don't think the imms told the same player to lay off the tribunal when he played Tahka and emptied the tribunal cabal. All I can give you is my viewpoint of interactions with Thorawyn and my best guess at the thought process behind it. Maybe he has a totally different viewpoint. I mean, they made him the Sunwarden, right?
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Marzzett is gone

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Unholy weapons

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Re: Unholy weapons

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For me it depends on two factors

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Re: Marzzett is gone

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Re: Marzzett is gone

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Re: Marzzett is gone

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