170+ hours and still a squire

July 25, 2019 02:40AM
Couldn't get fights for crap other than sekpak, who just had to thirst/entwine/flurry/flurry to kill me each time to the tune of 6-0 agaisnt me and I didnt see the light at the end of the tunnel to get whatever pks the threshold apparently was. I think I was only at 8 kills, but couldn't get fights.

Really wanted to see progging lightforges with riposte/swiftstrike, which was the point of the build.

Saved up and got parry anything, which apparently was nerfed to oblivion, I never saw it go off once, but I'll go back through the log to see if I was just missing them.
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Revelor deleted

Habbs 1670 July 24, 2019 10:54AM

???? You seemed to be doing well. (n/t)

Blackstar 477 July 25, 2019 02:27AM

170+ hours and still a squire

Habbs 680 July 25, 2019 02:40AM

Parry anything on Ziryn

BlkDrgn 663 July 27, 2019 08:48AM

Still feel dagger flow StSF is better on an Imperial war master or Emperor. (n/t)

Blackstar 526 July 27, 2019 04:49PM

There seems to be an absence of leadership on that side of the cabal

daurwyn 632 July 26, 2019 06:41AM

To avoid further pain and suffering

scr 647 July 25, 2019 09:37PM

Re: To avoid further pain and suffering

Habbs 621 July 26, 2019 08:48AM

I believe you didn't fought dagger specs.

scr 585 July 26, 2019 08:45PM

Ahh, memories. And it works on boneshatter too

daurwyn 614 July 26, 2019 03:54AM

But it's of 2013, not sure it's still the same nowadays. (n/t)

scr 456 July 26, 2019 06:33AM

It wasn't really like that back then either

daurwyn 603 July 26, 2019 06:39AM

Was this BCP? n/t

jalim 457 July 26, 2019 04:34AM

Yeah it sucks

jalim 1375 July 25, 2019 03:19AM

Re: Yeah it sucks

Habbs 879 July 25, 2019 03:54AM

Yea it's more of it ends your character if you do kill an innocent. (n/t)

Blackstar 452 July 25, 2019 05:47AM

Hrmmmm....I'd be surprised if there were only one maran now that has killed one. (n/t)

Habbs 493 July 25, 2019 05:54AM

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