Re: Seconded, one of the favourite fantasy books of all time. Further suggestions for fantasy:

June 06, 2017 11:49AM
Harry Potter series: bestselling series in the world I think. Very entertaining, some plot holes, illogical/unlimited magic system that serves a bit as a deus ex machina, but characterization is great and the writing is great. You've probably read it though :-P

Lev Grossman: The Magicians trilogy. Really excellent writing, reminiscent of the literary skill of Kingkiller Chronicles' Patrick Rothfuss. It describes the sense of fantasy and wonder at magic really well.

George R R Martin: A Song of Ice and Fire series: great politics and intrigue. Very draggy in books 4 and 5, but overall a really excellent read. Not yet completed, and GRRM seems to be really slow in pushing out new books. You've probably heard of the TV series or watched it, even if you haven't read it (and you've probably read it..?).

Loved George R.R. Martin's books.

You guys are definitely pointing me to some very interesting reads, this will improve my usual reading now a days of zombie novels.

Thanks for the suggestions, and please keeps them coming if you have any more.

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Fantasy Books!

Luis June 06, 2017 11:03AM

The Dark is Rising series (Susan Cooper) for light read thick with legend, Alera Codex by Jim Butcher. (n/t)

The Faithful of Nazmorghul June 15, 2017 10:28PM

I just finished the 15 ebook series the frostborn, it was good

Quas June 10, 2017 06:43AM

Re: Fantasy Books!

TJHuron June 10, 2017 06:04AM

Dragon's Path by Daniel Abraham

Lokain June 08, 2017 03:27PM

Erevis Cale books from Paul S. Kemp, really great books and conflicted character. (n/t)

regreath June 07, 2017 08:56PM

I liked that story in the Sundering series (n/t)

TJHuron June 10, 2017 06:06AM

Re: Fantasy Books!

Luis June 07, 2017 08:24PM

Agree about Cixin (tho more scifiish) and Kingkiller. Lukyanenko / night watch series also good.

Flipside Oreo June 07, 2017 11:46AM

Psst. Ya want sum graphics?

MiyagiYojimbo June 06, 2017 10:06PM

Liu Cixin

Kstatida June 06, 2017 11:15AM

Either the translation is terrible or he can't write

zoskia June 21, 2017 08:40PM

Or you have bad tastes in writing.

Matrik June 22, 2017 10:42AM

Stop putting your posts through wrap chop. n/t

Stevers June 22, 2017 05:57AM

Sorry Liu Cixin is not for Florida

Kstatida June 22, 2017 12:09AM

Seconded, one of my favourite sci fi books of all time. Further suggestions for sci fi:

starbright June 06, 2017 11:25AM

I really liked Peter F Hamilton commonwealth and void series a few years ago, heavy space opera. nt

Flipside Oreo June 07, 2017 11:49AM

Re: Liu Cixin

Luis June 06, 2017 11:22AM

re: Dark Fantasy

Kstatida June 06, 2017 11:36AM

Re: re: Dark Fantasy

Luis June 06, 2017 11:45AM

Kingkiller chronicles

NbM(VIP) June 06, 2017 11:13AM

Seconded, one of the favourite fantasy books of all time. Further suggestions for fantasy:

starbright June 06, 2017 11:30AM

Re: Seconded, one of the favourite fantasy books of all time. Further suggestions for fantasy:

Luis June 06, 2017 11:49AM

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