Soccer in the most played sport in Russia

July 02, 2018 08:34AM
Hilariously, we don't play it that well on international level, which produces a lot of criticism for the national team. Because many ppl care about it, and we don't produce many wins :)

There are a lot of fans, and for the world cup time, even ppl who don't follow soccer started to. Like I've never cared about soccer in my life, yet I've already visited two games. There're many people like me.

When ppl say that Russia is infected with football for the time of World Cup, they're not far from being right.
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Do you Russians players actually care about the World Cup?

zannon July 02, 2018 08:12AM

I love that game. They run and hit a ball with legs, how can em boring computer games compare to that? (nt) (n/t)

Slasher July 20, 2018 03:30AM

Soccer in the most played sport in Russia

Kstatida July 02, 2018 08:34AM

We have that here too.

MiyagiYojimbo July 02, 2018 03:38PM

I've always found it strange that people can enjoy watching a sport more than playing it nt

daurwyn August 20, 2018 12:24PM

Comes with age

Quas August 20, 2018 01:46PM

I've heard there was a board we send these afflicted to.

Jib July 03, 2018 08:31AM

Quoth the prophet Saint Stevers: tkae it 2 teh sprotsbaord. (n/t)

The Faithful of Nazmorghul July 08, 2018 08:53AM

I thought it was bear boxing

HairyOrangutan July 02, 2018 01:56PM

Its for hairy human-like drunk monkeys, we are calling em VDV, welcome to Russia at 2'th august nt

zanzarin July 03, 2018 09:19PM

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