hi - merf two years ago

My name should be pink. n/t - Stevers two years ago

What a dink. n/t - MiyagiYojimbo two years ago

Hey Gabe, will you give me PMs back? Annoying to have to use a different account to communicate. (n/t) - kanye two years ago

Is the forgotten password function working? - wrathpuppet three years ago

try it now. (n/t) - Gabe(VIP) three years ago

Awesome. Thanks. (n/t) - wrathpuppet three years ago

Why do I get a 403 error from my work IP? - kanye three years ago

Which link did you click when you got it? I'm in the process of moving some stuff. (n/t) - Gabe(VIP) three years ago

No link. Just trying to reach from any other site I was getting 403. Seems fine today. (n/t) - kanye three years ago

Why does the bottom of the page show everyone logged on right now? (n/t) - qurdind eleven years ago

It's the much-advertised night of 1000 shitposters. (n/t) - wrathpuppet eleven years ago

Because we are. Yahoo! Okay, now.. four or five of you post, and everyone else stay quiet. (n/t) - MiyagiYojimbo eleven years ago

Dunno. Other weird stuff going on in the site as well. (n/t) - DurNominator eleven years ago

I blame NbM. Can we just fire him already? n/t - Stevers eleven years ago

Take it up with Gabe. - Frosty eleven years ago

That's what every post on the feedback board is for n/t - Stevers three years ago

But you asked a new question, so you actually weren't. magnets (n/t) - Frosty three years ago

This is precisely why Matrik always beats you in arguments about nothing n/t - Stevers three years ago

This is precisely why Matrik always beats you in arguments about nothing - Frosty three years ago

SÌÍ„Í—Ì‚Í ÌˆÌ¾ÍÌ”Ì…ÍÌ“ÍƒÍ€Í ÌÌŒÌ‡Ì„ÌŽÌ€ÌÍŠÌ‘ÌŠÌ”ÌšÍ†Ì›Ì ‰ÌŒÌÌ‚Ì“Ì‹Ì‰Í‹Ì…ÍŒÌ‘Ì€ÍŠÍ‚Ì“ÌŒÌ‰Í‹Í„Í Í‹Í†Ì„ÌŽÍ†Ì‰Ì›ÌÍÌˆÍ ŠÌÌŠÌ‚ÍÍ’ÌŠÍ„Ì’Ì€ÌÌƒÌ€Í˜ÌÌŠÌ”Ì”Ì’Ì³ÌŸÌ—Ì©Ì»ÍˆÌ»Ì§Ì²Ì¡Ì«Ì ŸÌ™ÍÌ«Í–̨̹̩̠̠̪̦̤̜͚̟t̊̀̈͒̍̌͊͌́̈́̔̈͝͝ Ì•Ì›Ì„Í‹ÌŽÌÍ„Í - Ş̡̨̛̛̳̟̗̩̻͈̻̲̫̟̙͍̫͖̹̩̠̠̪̦̤̜͚̟̍̈́͗̂̈̾͐̔̅͐̓̓̀̍̌̇̄̎̀̏͊̑̊̔͆̉̌̏̂̓̋̉͋̅͌̑̀͊͂̓̌̉͋̈́͋͆̄̎͆̉̐̈͊̏̊̂͒̊̈́̒̀́̃̀́̊̔̔̒̚͘͠͠͠͝͝tÌŠÌ€ÌˆÍ’ÌÌŒÍŠÍÍŒÌÍ„ÍÌ”ÌˆÌ•Ì›Ì„Í‹ÌŽÌÍ„Í three years ago

Probably not. It has a lot of opinion in it and we all know how much DurNaziNator hates opinions. (n/t) - Matrik three years ago

Moved to Feedback - DurNominator three years ago

Much like Kanye asked for a ban, DurNominator asked for a crusade. - Matrik three years ago

I'm not into crusades unless I get a cool bannerman and a nifty sword. - Batman three years ago

I tire of this. We continue this discussion on Shit Board. (n/t) - DurNominator(VIP) three years ago

Can I have a day in the shit board? I'm asking politely....I'm curious. (n/t) - tesline three years ago

Way to reinforce the accusations. Another opinion censured by the gestapo. nt - Stormcloak three years ago

I want to know what he's talking about. - DurNominator(VIP) three years ago

How about asking him directly, publicly, instead of only giving him access on a censored board. - Stormcloak three years ago

Let's go through your accusations - DurNominator(VIP) three years ago

What is shitboarding? Is it like waterboarding, only more gross? ;) (n/t) - Nurok three years ago

It is sort of ban lite. - DurNominator three years ago

OMG this is actually fucking awesome. Almost makes me want to post something absurd to get shitboarded :) NT - Sam three years ago

It's definitely a creative time out without removing access. The funniest part is that it's just a wall of Pro, Scrimbul, and Jerrokar threads arguing with VIP's. nt - Stormcloak three years ago

Not anymore. I made that board my bitch. Woe is the next person that gets sent there. (n/t) - Matrik three years ago

Figures you'd try to increase your post count at all costs, you fascist. NT - Sam three years ago

I heard they have a gas chamber on that board. nt - Stormcloak three years ago

Nah, that's just a myth. - Batman three years ago

It's for people who aren't being crescent fresh. (n/t) - Frosty three years ago

Re: How about asking him directly, publicly, instead of only giving him access on a censored board. - NbM(VIP) three years ago

Request: When I click on a post that takes me to a topic, have it highlight more readable than this opaque peach color shit. I can never find the post I'm reading in the thread without leaning into the screen. nt - Stormcloak three years ago

It's a manufactured barrier to keep your opinion from becoming too easy to express. (n/t) - Matrik three years ago

Please update the graveyard filter to include seasonal races: Frost Centaur Goblin - Drokk three years ago

Request for Gabe - Srev three years ago

I'll unban the Stevers account. - DurNominator three years ago

Thanks, now I can find my posts more easily n/t - Stevers three years ago

Responded. - The Faithful of Nazmorghul three years ago

Welcome home. (n/t) - wrathpuppet three years ago

Request for Gabe - TJHuron three years ago

Why does it matter? The forum's software is broken and you can view deleted posts easily. - Srev three years ago

I have not noticed. How do you do that? I'd still be interested in why they are deleting the posts (n/t) - TJHuron three years ago

Every time? No way. - DurNominator three years ago

Too much work? Come now. - TJHuron three years ago

Type to where, exactly? - DurNominator three years ago

Maybe on the board you deleted it from? Replace that post with a post about the rule violation - TJHuron three years ago

Let me add some reasoning for my request - TJHuron three years ago

In thread below, Sam had no idea, Sam asked in feedback and now he knows. - DurNominator three years ago

I prefer the old way. (n/t) - Matrik three years ago

What I've seen in the past is that people argue about the deletion until you tell them why - TJHuron three years ago

Why my post get deleted? - Sam three years ago

PM to me and I'll repost. Thanks to GSC Gate, I'm untouchable. (n/t) - Matrik three years ago

You still haven't got them yet? For shame, GS's...for shame. NT - Sam three years ago

Three thousand dollars. Down the drain. Thanks Gabe. (n/t) - Matrik three years ago

One of the characters is technically still alive. (n/t) - Gabe(VIP) three years ago

Huh. Okay. I hear that and understand why you would delete it then. - Sam three years ago

Sure, no problem. (n/t) - Gabe(VIP) three years ago

Search function broke? - funnyone three years ago

Fixed. (n/t) - Gabe(VIP) three years ago

Rule 8 Updated - Gabe(VIP) three years ago

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