why was pro perma banned? (n/t) - hopelessdwarf four years ago

The real question is how. Life found a way. (n/t) - Frosty four years ago

I lol'd. Poor Pro....he still owes me a PBF. NT - Sam four years ago

Spamming reports - DurNominator four years ago

I didn't see this. That bums me out. (n/t) - wrathpuppet four years ago

Same reason all the other interesting people were banned. Too fun/interesting to have around. (n/t) - Matrik four years ago

I'm sure you have a list right? (n/t) - Gabe(VIP) four years ago

and I'm checking it twice. (n/t) - Matrik four years ago

Satan? (n/t) - hopelessdwarf four years ago

...Will be the First Greater Being to fall to the Matrikian Order. (n/t) - Matrik four years ago

The new PK stats explorer. - Wire five years ago

Re: The new PK stats explorer. - Johneveryman five years ago

Re: The new PK stats explorer. - Wire four years ago

Seriously Daurwyn? Banning me a 4 day old post concerning a guy who deleted and posted on the char board? Poor taste bro. (n/t) - kanye five years ago

When you posted - daurwyn five years ago

Bitch, quit hatin'. That's his job. The fuck is you complainin' fo'? Be happy motha fucka. - Frosty five years ago

When did you move into the city? Go back to the country where you belong. (n/t) - Matrik five years ago

Bitch don't be tellin' me what to do bitch, I run with 12 gans. I do what I want! Whaa'EVaa! (n/t) - Frosty five years ago

What is "gans"? - Matrik five years ago

Yes, similar to EVaa, but much more painful. (n/t) - Frosty five years ago

You deviants sure have come up with a lot of new superficial titulatory dialogue. (n/t) - Matrik five years ago

Deviates - Frosty five years ago

Do you even rick roll? (n/t) - Matrik five years ago

Never! That's a plague I'm working to eliminate from thie world completely. (n/t) - Frosty five years ago

It seems PK stats immxp display is broken. - Murphy five years ago

Back from computer-virus fiasco........ - The Faithful of Nazmorghul five years ago

Don't trust Cnet anymore. They bundle toolbars with everything (n/t) - Guy five years ago

Sound advice, this. (n/t) - The Faithful of Nazmorghul five years ago

Man, Delta Airlines had it out for you... (n/t) - smashtro five years ago

They're STILL pissed I can fly on my own. (n/t) - The Faithful of Nazmorghul five years ago

Archieved Log Board - Daichyl five years ago

Posting what I did informationwise on QHCF was wrong. I'm better than that. VIPS, please slap me with at least a 30 day ban, permanent if you want. Ill take responsibility for when I cross the line. (n/t) - Gaplemo five years ago

Re: Posting what I did informationwise on QHCF was wrong. I'm better than that. VIPS, please slap me with at least a 30 day ban, permanent if you want. Ill take responsibility for when I cross the line. - jhyrbian five years ago

You didn't repost it after it was deleted, so you most likely won't get banned. (n/t) - Gabe(VIP) five years ago

I believe I speak for the remaining Moderators... - The Faithful of Nazmorghul(VIP) five years ago

"the remaining moderators"? What, did the rest die? Thunderdome style, I bet. (n/t) - smashtro five years ago

Guilty. Dur and I teamed up back to back. The Disintegration ray he packs was a bit unfair. - The Faithful of Nazmorghul(VIP) five years ago

Dur is a Dalek? nt - Rade five years ago

Lol. (n/t) - smashtro five years ago

Dur's lasers can hurt ghosts? I guess that makes sense, Robo's lasers doubled as shadow magic in CT. (n/t) - MiyagiYojimbo five years ago

Dying time's here. (n/t) - MiyagiYojimbo five years ago

Do you remember before Dur climbed on Nominator's shoulders and took over qhcf? (n/t) - wrathpuppet five years ago

I'm visualizing Krang climbing into that body suit. (n/t) - smashtro five years ago

Non-Anon, Non-Funny. No Log. But not Log Board. NO BAN. (n/t) - dubs five years ago

Agree with all of this. - Death_Claw five years ago

BURN HIM! - torak five years ago

Although, there was a herald-killer thread a few weeks back... (n/t) - smashtro five years ago

I disagree. Like you said, it's not like people get banned for describing other cabal powers. (n/t) - Dalbrin five years ago

Its along the same lines of prep locations and things like ancient instincts. I crossed the line and should be banned. - Gaplemo five years ago

Re: Its along the same lines of prep locations and things like ancient instincts. I crossed the line and should be banned. - Bryntor five years ago

Apology accepted.I'd vote against a ban, but a week if VIPs feel it's necessary. (n/t) - wrathpuppet five years ago

Attempting to vote. Ban. (n/t) - Matrik five years ago

Don't have Private message privileges - Indleslez five years ago

being an active member of the community will eventually earn you PM privileges. (n/t) - DurNominator five years ago

As a new player... - Dano five years ago

CF is a difficult game. - DurNominator five years ago

Just post on every log saying good job, well done, or ban on any seemly bannable offense or on any of Matrik's posts just put sad to see you go. - tesline five years ago

This isn't the only thing you have to achieve to be able to PM people. (n/t) - Gabe(VIP) five years ago

Alright you must also sacrifice a goat in your honor. Hail Gabe! (n/t) - tesline five years ago

How about a taglo? (n/t) - smashtro five years ago

I don't sac them, I make steaks. (n/t) - MiyagiYojimbo five years ago

*nod* *camp* (n/t) - smashtro five years ago

Hi, - Matrik five years ago

There are some legitimate lunatics who play this game. - wrathpuppet five years ago

Yeah, I definitely believe it. - Dano five years ago

Post more, probably - Splntrd five years ago

PK Stats don't sort correctly. - laearrist five years ago

Never mind figured it out. (n/t) - ORB five years ago

Don't understand recent ban. Cannot use contact link - would like a private message... - dubs five years ago

Log board is for actual logs. - DurNominator five years ago

I received ban for that? Really? It was funny. If you got the joke. - dubs five years ago

Well.. - Gabe(VIP) five years ago

I did not know the non-log non-funny post rule on the log board. Will obey arbitrary, non-notice, banable offense of posting non logs on the log board. (n/t) - dubs five years ago

So, to clarify, I can post non-logs, non-funny comments on the log board, using my handle. Check. (n/t) - dubs five years ago

Sure, but they are still subject to be deleted. (n/t) - Gabe(VIP) five years ago

You know, just as a non-jerk policy move - you might give people some kind of warning that they are doing something you don't like before banning them. Especially if it's not something obvious and completely arbitrary. Thanks! (n/t) - dubs five years ago

The three boards mentioned in Rule 3 are subject to it. (n/t) - DurNominator five years ago

I've been on this site for like - 15 years or something. Never once read the rules, or been banned. Additionally, the post WAS in fact, a log. Just not a long log. And in QHCF fashion, was posted in the subject. (n/t) - dubs five years ago

At what point did you think it was ok? - Gabe(VIP) five years ago

Yeah - but my point is that a PM would have been just as effective, but instead of making me think you are a nazi in the process... I would have thought, wow, that Gabe is a cool dude. (n/t) - dubs five years ago

Maybe you can keep posting about your 1 day ban... - Gabe(VIP) five years ago

You just have to ask permission before you do anything: - Matrik five years ago

+1 (n/t) - dubs five years ago

Wiki broken? - Guy five years ago

Link is broken but wiki is up - Guy five years ago

Seems to be weirdness with network configuration at work. - Guy five years ago

Link works for me just fine. (n/t) - DurNominator five years ago

Filtering of recent messages is a nice feature, but a bit broken - Flipside Oreo five years ago

"Everything but Matrik" filter here (n/t) - HairyOrangutan five years ago

I'd like to have this one too please. (n/t) - Matrik five years ago

Somewhat related, would love an "Everything but OT" filter for Recent Messages. (n/t) - smashtro five years ago

Now that gabe is sort of active, can we get robdarken unbanned? (n/t) - zoskia five years ago

Why do you think me being active, means I would want him unbanned? (n/t) - Gabe(VIP) five years ago

What did he really do to deserve a perm ban? - zoskia five years ago

That wouldn't be the reason. (n/t) - Gabe(VIP) five years ago

Because a fat lazy inactive Gabe wouldn't be able to reach over his fat folds to click the unban button. - legobelt five years ago

You're too young to be this stupid. - Splntrd five years ago

Right. (n/t) - Gabe(VIP) five years ago

Second this motion. (n/t) - legobelt five years ago

So Yhorian is done as a mod? - kanye five years ago

Was wondering when someone would notice. (n/t) - legobelt five years ago

I give up on Adsense, you can now view the forums without logging in. (n/t) - Gabe(VIP) five years ago

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