Discuss the new PK Stats page. - Gabe(VIP) five years ago

Cool stuff - valkenar five years ago

Looks good. Thanks nt - daurwyn five years ago

It's nice, search functionality is very fast. An 'export to csv' option would be nice now that it's limited to 100 rows at a time. nt - Flipside Oreo five years ago

Discussin' the page Boss. (n/t) - Matrik five years ago

What did JimmyDean just do to get banned by Yhorian? - satchmo five years ago

Rule 8 includes other sites that have game secrets listed. - Gabe(VIP) five years ago

Quit shitting up my thread.. - Gabe(VIP) five years ago

It's your site, you can certainly set the rules as you please. I'm curious as to how knowledge of a site is going to force a newbie to use it, if they really do want to experience CF "as designed." (n/t) - Dalbrin five years ago

If you can't see that...then I can't help you. - Gabe(VIP) five years ago

My mistake. You didn't say forced. It was certainly implied, though. - Dalbrin five years ago

I just don't agree I guess.. - Gabe(VIP) five years ago

:O (n/t) - legobelt five years ago

Can we get a rule update? Just to clear it up for people.. (n/t) - tesline five years ago

Rule update has been discussed. - DurNominator five years ago

Thank you. Those were the two that bothered me. We have had quite a few bans recently that clearly don't violate our current rules. I agree that they should of been banned but until there is actually a rule for it they shouldn't of been banned. (n/t) - tesline five years ago

Careful bra, careful. - Frosty five years ago

Just don't ask for clarification twice in a row. - satchmo five years ago

YES CLEARLY IT WAS. (n/t) - Frosty five years ago

YOU CAN'T TYPE IN CAPS. (n/t) - tesline five years ago

Somebody must be looking for rule 3. :P - satchmo five years ago

Rule Number 1. - satchmo five years ago

Rule number 2 we don't talk about qhcf. rule 3 is banhammer. (n/t) - tesline five years ago

Well at least that's all cleared up! (n/t) - satchmo five years ago

PMs renabled with restrictions. - Gabe(VIP) five years ago

Everyone welcome Kanye to the BlockPM group. - Gabe(VIP) five years ago

HAH! I trolled Torak to perfection, however I am sadly disappointed by the results. (n/t) - kanye five years ago

That escalated quickly. (n/t) - satchmo five years ago

We've had complaints about Kanye abusing PMs in the past. - DurNominator five years ago

I was using an internet meme. I know Kanye is considered suspect. - satchmo five years ago

What are the restrictions? - Dalbrin five years ago

I don't think that is a good enough reason. - DurNominator five years ago

No, VIPs can't read your PMs, but this doesn't mean they are private... - Gabe(VIP) five years ago

Fair enough. (n/t) - Dalbrin five years ago

A) Thank you. B) Thanks Paul. C) Science! (n/t) - satchmo five years ago

How do I get an avatar? I've donated, if that's the requirement. (n/t) - smashtro five years ago

Under options in control center: "avatar." I think Gabe has to turn it on. (n/t) - Matrik five years ago

Yeah, something needs to be turned on because I see no options there. (n/t) - smashtro five years ago

Ok, it's up. Thank, Gabe. (n/t) - smashtro five years ago

So I think this was answered years ago, but I don't remember the answer. - Dalbrin five years ago

That's why we added to rule 4 - to prevent 'current character interaction'. It should all be IC. nt - Yhorian five years ago

Would someone please care to explain why I was banned for asking a mod to explain how rules were being broken? - Frosty five years ago

Yhorian, I was not attempting to be disruptive, I asked you to explain how a rule was being broken. - Frosty five years ago

Moderation situation here is unbelievable - JimmyDean five years ago

It seems extreme to you because your behaviour is extreme more often than others - daurwyn five years ago

Good Research, Holmes - JimmyDean five years ago

He's made a good point, you're just attempting to repost what you've already been banned for. nt - Yhorian five years ago

Explain which rule he broke. (n/t) - tesline five years ago

Somehow Matrik doesn't seem to qualify for this. How is that, exactly? (n/t) - satchmo five years ago

Because some people can't handle criticism. (n/t) - Matrik five years ago

Because you posted the same question multiple times in an attempt to be disruptive. Even when they were removed. - Yhorian five years ago

No. I posted twice because you didn't respond, hence the use of caps the second time. THEN they were both deleted, I was banned, and there was no explination. (n/t) - Frosty five years ago

Not to comment on the ban itself, but the time during which Yhorian didn't respond was eleven minutes. (n/t) - DurNominator five years ago

Inorite? He made me WAIT! - Frosty five years ago

That makes you a waiter. - DurNominator five years ago

Just making sure here, but when you say it's unnecessary, is that a euphemism for "it annoys me."? (n/t) - Dalbrin five years ago

There speaks the voice of reason and equitability. - satchmo five years ago

We're just asking you to lose the false sense of entitlement you have. - Yhorian five years ago

We're just asking you to lose the false sense of control you have. - Matrik five years ago

Another cut+paste victory! nt - Yhorian five years ago

It's like I just entered Bizarro QHCF. - satchmo five years ago

God I love that little guy. - Frosty five years ago

Banhammer satchmo! n/t - jalim five years ago

we were 'harrassing' him. Banhammer activated. - satchmo five years ago

CAPS LOCK IS AGAINST THE RULES nt - Rade five years ago

MorsGotha2 given a perma timeout per rule 4a. He will be unbanned when certain events transpire. (n/t) - NbM five years ago

Is this a prophecy? (n/t) - wrathpuppet five years ago

Underwealth given a perma timeout per rule 4a. He will be unbanned when certain events transpire. (n/t) - NbM five years ago

Where is my unban? (n/t) - tesline five years ago

Also, this sucks having to enforce, but don't attach active characters to current handles. (n/t) - NbM five years ago

This forum is going full retard. - satchmo five years ago

Not really. - NbM five years ago

Don't forget Morsgotha2 then, lets keep this shit equal amirite? Oh wait...n/t - jalim five years ago

What did he do? (n/t) - NbM five years ago

He has posted multiple logs as Bharnum, many times over the past several weeks. But apparently he didn't pk you. =) n/t - jalim five years ago

He posted a log that didn't have his name hidden. (n/t) - tesline five years ago

Well F... Is that character still around? (n/t) - NbM five years ago

yes (n/t) - tesline five years ago

but Robert Downey Jr.! I didn't say it was mods fault this time. Just crazy. :P (n/t) - satchmo five years ago

I think banning jalim even for a day was far too heavy handed. (n/t) - wrathpuppet five years ago

If something you post is deleted, you don't need to repost it. - DurNominator five years ago

I understand that. I'm saying that deleting the post and then banning him was heavy handed. - wrathpuppet five years ago

fuck :( (n/t) - tesline five years ago

I agree it was a stupid move. If that is considered advertising so is anything using the words other and forum. (n/t) - tesline five years ago

I don't think a one day ban is heavy handed - Quas five years ago

it's just to stop him posting again while he's angry. nt - Yhorian five years ago

I wasn't angry at all, I was calling you out for being an asshole. n/t - jalim five years ago

See? You're just being insulting. Relax. Be constructive. nt - Yhorian five years ago

You're the one. n/t - jalim five years ago

You're the man now dawg. (n/t) - satchmo five years ago

Only a man with many faults sees insult in every word. (n/t) - Matrik five years ago

Says the man doing the insulting. - vortexmagus five years ago

Try reading it again and maybe you'll get it. (n/t) - Matrik five years ago

And yet you're compelled to weigh in on every post I make. I think you're a little bit obsessed. That's not healthy. nt - Yhorian five years ago

I'm compelled to make a mockery of those deserving of mockery. (n/t) - Matrik five years ago

Good call. Wouldn't want someone to lose their cool and go apeshit on other posters. (n/t) - hopelessdwarf five years ago

How dare you. No VIP here would ever ban and remove posts then make posts that go against the logic they banned/removed in the first place. (n/t) - NewOldGuy five years ago

New handles don't exist to continue old arguments nt - daurwyn five years ago

Quiet NOG they will hear you! (n/t) - tesline five years ago

Small request for forum mods - enyuu five years ago

In old Dio's the login link was in the sidebar. - DurNominator five years ago

In all honesty... - The Faithful of Nazmorghul five years ago

Do we no longer have PM on this site?~ (n/t) - ekirhal five years ago

You don't know how to send messages anyway, whore. (n/t) - vladamir five years ago

PRIVATE MESSAGE for VLAD. No one else read! - JimmyDean five years ago

Awwww, no more freaky BDSM/LGBT PMs from Ekirhal (n/t) - HairyOrangutan five years ago

Private Messages were being abused by multiple users. We've disabled it. Anything private will have to be done via messenger/email. Game stuff you can post publicly. nt - Yhorian five years ago

That's not really how it went down. - Splntrd five years ago

Actually that's totally how it went down - daurwyn five years ago

It's all kind of lame, really. - Dalbrin five years ago

The imms tend to nuke things that they didn't want shared - daurwyn five years ago

He mentioned the unmentionable. The collection of HTML we pretend doesn't exist. BAN THIS MAN (n/t) - NewOldGuy five years ago

Those we do not speak of. Jalim's post DOES UNSPEAKABLE DAMAGE to QHCF. - PaulO five years ago

They still try to. (n/t) - tesline five years ago

except when they email back and forth with mods to determine what is allowed here.... - satchmo five years ago

Exchange that is initiated by a VIP in order to expand the freedom of speech in Dio's. - DurNominator five years ago

Spreading misinfo again? - daurwyn five years ago

Spreading misinfo again? - satchmo five years ago

Daurwyn's post was spot on. - DurNominator five years ago

word change was the point. Drop it, guys. I'm done talking to you. - satchmo five years ago

I imagine you posted this because you don't want to admit being wrong. nt - Yhorian five years ago

Imagination is a beautiful thing. - satchmo five years ago

Next thing you know he will be telling us he was actually wearing a police costume and not a faerie one. (n/t) - Matrik five years ago

Can Yhorian be removed as a VIP? - hopelessdwarf five years ago

Concerning the mistake with Orb's banning: - Yhorian five years ago

So basically, you're just like them? - KennyPowers five years ago

"I hate coming here so much I'm going to post a bunch of times in a row" (n/t) - Matrik five years ago

So you banned someone on qhcf for another site's post? - Tolnum five years ago

People on that forum were posting an imm's real name and the place she works. They were suggesting trying to get her fired. It's not crazy to ban people like that from this forum and from the game.~ - ibuki five years ago

Do you have a link? (n/t) - HairyOrangutan five years ago

So, nobody remembers when the cops were called - Splntrd five years ago

Are you saying someone posted Stevers address - daurwyn five years ago

A) I don't think anyone said that. B) Did you start drinking Yhorian's kool-aid? (n/t) - satchmo five years ago

I never knew that this had happened. Where you very upset about this, Yhorian? (n/t) - Dalbrin five years ago

This. This is why I got so enraged. nt - Yhorian five years ago

Wow. That is just sad. Get a grip and breathe -- it's a game. (n/t) - smashtro five years ago

Also they totally worship Satan. (n/t) - satchmo five years ago

Seriously? - wrathpuppet five years ago

Wow. For real? That is incredibly sad. (n/t) - Matrik five years ago

A final word. - ORB five years ago

While I disagree with banning orb for something not on qhcf... - wrathpuppet five years ago

So Orb made all those imms delete and or quit? (n/t) - hopelessdwarf five years ago

Completely missed my point. (n/t) - wrathpuppet five years ago

Now that it's not 6AM. - wrathpuppet five years ago

You're burning the house down, to get rid of a dent in the wall. You're delusional. nt - Yhorian five years ago

seconded +1 (n/t) - vortexmagus five years ago

It beats walking into the burning house and refusing to admit its burning despite 1/2 your friends dying (n/t) - hopelessdwarf five years ago

Friends aka OOC connections aka YOU CHEATER (n/t) - vortexmagus five years ago

you felt compelled to type in caps...and someone else is the _crazy_ one? (n/t) - Nurok five years ago

You don't pick up on sarcasm in text form well... Do ya? (n/t) - Quas five years ago

I wouldn't agree that they were ridiculous - daurwyn five years ago

I back Yhorian 100% - sevriis five years ago

So you back perma banning someone for posting things on another website? (n/t) - hopelessdwarf five years ago

No, I back banning people who repeatedly and deliberately break rule 7. - sevriis five years ago

Er, that's been done before. We've always banned cheaters. nt - Yhorian five years ago

So now Rob Darken is Perma Banned? - hopelessdwarf five years ago

Not everything requires a challenge - daurwyn five years ago

Not everything requires a ban either. (n/t) - Matrik five years ago

Uh. That link points to nothing. - Guy five years ago

Haha I found that website without even clicking the link - Randomguy five years ago

It's not the link - daurwyn five years ago

Ok? What does that have to do with the excuse of it linking to the cheat site? - Guy five years ago

Popup in one post, disruptive formatting in another. (n/t) - DurNominator five years ago

You're right - daurwyn five years ago

Rob put popup code in his sig. - DurNominator five years ago

Repost of Batman's Farewell: - Yhorian five years ago

I'm okay with him and think his bans are mostly warranted~ (n/t) - vortexmagus five years ago

Sorry Yhorian, but I think you need a timeout - torak five years ago

Two points - daurwyn five years ago

Got my vote - Mort five years ago

Orb really got a permanent for that little comment? - Jerrokrar five years ago

Delete button is my answer for most problems. - DurNominator five years ago

Come on man, don't lump Dur in with Yhorian. Not cool (n/t) - Frosty five years ago

What do you say we have a good ol fashion flame war before the whole shit house goes up in flames? (n/t) - Matrik five years ago

Here's the soundtrack for it! - Frosty five years ago

You think thats bad? Yhorian called orb an asshole, Sarien called him an asshole back and he banned Sarien for it. Horseshit. (n/t) - Gaplemo five years ago

This is false. Sarien was 1 day timed-out to stop him reposting deleted posts. nt - Yhorian five years ago

Asshole! (n/t) - hopelessdwarf five years ago

No your an asshole. (n/t) - tesline five years ago

Careful Tesline, Yhorian will ban you for calling someone an asshole in respone to their calling you an asshole. - Matrik five years ago

I wonder what would happen if someone called me an asshole would that be a double ban? (n/t) - tesline five years ago

Cosign. - RobDarken five years ago

+1 (n/t) - Sarien five years ago

Why was he allowed to come back in the first place? (n/t) - HairyOrangutan five years ago

Re: Why was he allowed to come back in the first place? - RobDarken five years ago

So here is my take on that - RobDarken five years ago

Seconded, lost all respect for the guy today. You don't get to ban people because you disagree with them. Everyone email gabe. (n/t) - Gaplemo five years ago

That would probably be a poor idea. (n/t) - Gabe(VIP) five years ago

Like you have something better to do than read our poorly worded nerd rages? - satchmo five years ago

It could be viewed as promoting the "other" forum, which Gabe just removed private messages and banned a bunch of people for, I doubt you find sympathy there. (n/t) - Quas five years ago

He said it was because of "Merf". So I don't think so. (n/t) - RobDarken five years ago

Can we revert the forums to their previous state, no login requirements. - zoskia five years ago

If Google AdSense ever gets back with me. (n/t) - Gabe(VIP) five years ago

What was it doing? (n/t) - DurNominator five years ago

No way man, this site has gone gay - HairyOrangutan five years ago

This site is so gay it probably wants to kiss girls on the mouth. - satchmo five years ago

This is a Private Message for Matrik, nobody else read please. - jalim five years ago

Moved to Feedback from main. - DurNominator five years ago

Private Message to DurNominator (boop boop beep beep): - Matrik five years ago

Pirvate Message for Jalim: - Matrik five years ago

PM for Matrik. - tesline five years ago

PM for Tesline. - Matrik five years ago

This is a PM to Ralleballe, nobody else read please. - physics five years ago

This is a PM to whiteraven. VERY PRIVATE MESSAGE THANK YOU - Demtok five years ago

I'm sad it took me all day to find this here. I should check feedback more often. - satchmo five years ago

Do we no longer have PM on this site?~ (n/t) - ekirhal five years ago

Can Yhorian be removed as a VIP? - hopelessdwarf five years ago

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