Alright, VIPs, seriously - torak four years ago

Gabe could look into it. - DurNominator(VIP) four years ago

Don't worry, the new dread lord will just bitch slap him around and leech his unholy (n/t) - Demtok four years ago

This is probably better suited to the feedback board. (n/t) - satchmo four years ago

So what's up with all the timeouts? I looked through the "offending posts" and didn't see much. - TaterPig four years ago

Abuse of power by the executive branch. (n/t) - Matrik four years ago

It's horsecrap. (n/t) - satchmo four years ago

Do not mention fairy costumes. n/t - jalim four years ago

On with the pixie hats! And send in the skating vicar! - The Faithful of Nazmorghul four years ago

Graveyard search needs some updating - DurNominator four years ago

Poll problems - Rodriguez four years ago

Same problem here. It seems to count my vote, though. (n/t) - DurNominator four years ago

Any technical problems with the board? - xrus four years ago

The thread was moved here. (n/t) - Gabe(VIP) four years ago

Thanks for showing me. I searched around, but didn't find it. (n/t) - xrus four years ago

Didn't understand the Enforcement board. - xrus four years ago

One of the non-permanent ones. - DurNominator(VIP) four years ago

Two questions then: - xrus four years ago

Oh, in the automated message. It just means a ban. - DurNominator four years ago

Possible Answers - koef four years ago

Looking for a new moderator... - Gabe(VIP) four years ago

Thanks for the offers, I think we found one this pass. (n/t) - Gabe(VIP) four years ago

Pick me - Rade four years ago

I'd be the best choice but I'm not sure I have as much time to devote to it as some of these others. If you want a part-time, then sure, I'll do it. (n/t) - alansmithee four years ago

Pass, keep driving - HairyOrangutan four years ago

LOL (n/t) - vortexmagus four years ago

*snort* (n/t) - Matrik four years ago

Heh - wishore four years ago

Why me ...stxt - koef four years ago

Beam me up Scotty - ilostmycoconut four years ago

You probably shouldn't choose me. - wrathpuppet four years ago

Bam! Nt - The Forsaken four years ago

I'd be willing to step up again. - jafel four years ago

I wouldn't mind doin it - onewingedangel four years ago

I think you would be a horrible moderator - Randomguy four years ago

Oh oh me! - demos four years ago

Application, Demtok Style - TaterPig four years ago

Sign me up. - Forsooth four years ago

You're so boring, you make Durnominator appear to be Rip Taylor (n/t) - HairyOrangutan four years ago

I'm all in - Daichyl four years ago

Application for the Moderator Position - Demtok four years ago

I'm willing. - Quixotic four years ago

This guy since the server farm is run by windmills (n/t) - HairyOrangutan four years ago

*sprays breath freshener* - The Faithful of Nazmorghul four years ago

In support of FN - Carrock four years ago

I also support this guy (n/t) - cenatar four years ago

Yeah, TFON is a good guy. nt - Flipside Oreo four years ago

I vote Faithful. This guy is way to cool. He needs be corrupted by or burned out by the allure of power. (n/t) - Matrik four years ago

Post History - The Faithful of Nazmorghul four years ago

Well I've never broken a rule intentionally and I am rather unbiased. - tesline four years ago

I think I could do well - hopelessdwarf four years ago

No Mexicans allowed - HairyOrangutan four years ago

I would most certainly not be suited to being a moderator, but I +1 hopelessdwarf - vortexmagus four years ago

I could give it a shot. - istirith four years ago

+1. (n/t) - The Faithful of Nazmorghul four years ago

Hah. - istirith four years ago

I play nice most of the time. I just don't like racism. - sevriis four years ago

Put me in coach, I can throw strikes! - jalim four years ago

I would like to also point out I am the only one so far who has followed directions. n/t - jalim four years ago

Wrong. Mine just broked and I had to edit them in again. (n/t) - Matrik four years ago

If all else fails pick me!! - subov four years ago

Your life... - Matrik four years ago

Sever your spinal cord!! - subov four years ago

Yeah sorry. That was a little insensitive I guess. - Matrik four years ago

lol, I did not take it that way. I was showing you how you can do eeet (n/t) - subov four years ago

a) that sucks but b) now you can take that money to develop that game you wanted to make 'Jump to Conclusions'. - satchmo four years ago

I'm game. - Matrik four years ago

You ARE the Game. - The Faithful of Nazmorghul four years ago

I think this is something I would be suited for. - Inaudible Cheetah four years ago

Just a reminder - Stevers four years ago

You be on the red team, I'll be on the blue team. (n/t) - Frosty four years ago

The blue text for 'say' needs to go. n/t - Stevers four years ago

what? (n/t) - Gabe(VIP) four years ago

Blue say text in logs. - DurNominator four years ago

In logs n/t - Stevers four years ago

Please make it yellow or something. Blue is hard to read. (n/t) - DurNominator four years ago

Who keeps deleting my logs? - Stevers four years ago

Probably because you died to Jerry a bunch. NT - Sam four years ago

A couple forum restrictions that are problematic. - Bendak four years ago

I regular edit posts multiple times, but I'm fairly certain it only works for the first hour. (n/t) - vortexmagus four years ago

This seems accurate. (n/t) - Gabe(VIP) four years ago

You are alone. - Gabe(VIP) four years ago

We've been able to edit for quite some time...are you referring to something else? (n/t) - (vಠ_ಠ)> AngryFatKid four years ago

The handle requirement of Diku-Wiki is due to bot-related saboutage. (n/t) - DurNominator four years ago

Make the wiki read-only for those without a handle. Current option is the worst possible solution. (n/t) - zoskia four years ago

How do you do that? - DurNominator four years ago

Re: Editing. - Java four years ago

I use edit frequently, I just make it a policy to never remove anything I have already said. - RobDarken four years ago

LOL- editing posts is lame. - Bendak four years ago

"the freedom to do so is valued" - wrathpuppet four years ago

Swing and a miss. (n/t) - Frosty four years ago

Why am I forced to log in now to just browse the forums? n/t (n/t) - Calion four years ago

You know if I want to read this board I have to get up and log on to my computer.... its rubbish (n/t) - wishore four years ago

Dunno. There's a thread in Feedback about it. (n/t) - DurNominator(VIP) four years ago

Because there's already a thread about this and because Gabe hates jews. (n/t) - Batman four years ago

But how do Jews feel about Gabe? - satchmo four years ago

Gais Come on I Dont want to have to log on in every thing I use to browse logs and shit..... dafaq... (n/t) - wishore four years ago

Why in the world is the Log board restricted to members?? - Guy four years ago

It's temporary for now. (n/t) - Gabe(VIP) four years ago

Huh, won't say why though? (n/t) - Guy four years ago

You can make anything into a conspiracy... - Gabe(VIP) four years ago

Why not just no robot it? (n/t) - Guy four years ago

It has nothing to do with stopping banned people from reading the boards. (n/t) - Gabe(VIP) four years ago

Suggestion for the boards - Stevers four years ago


I have an idea... VIP's and Mod's not sure if this is possible but. - GreenLantern five years ago

My opinion is that VIPs are the ones who delete posts here. - DurNominator four years ago

Even if this could work. - RobDarken four years ago

I think this is silly. I also think the voting is silly. NT - Batman five years ago

Moved to Feedback where it belongs. (n/t) - DurNominator five years ago

What if the OP is a troll post? (n/t) - DurNominator(VIP) five years ago

Then no one responds, or VP's cut it out themselves. I think the voting thing might work better actually. (n/t) - GreenLantern five years ago

This is an insane idea, and not the good kind of insanity. ie Viral. (n/t) - ghuljun_thul five years ago

And then QHCF becomes Reddit and everyone hates one another. (n/t) - Scrimbul five years ago

Or worse, le meme face terribles! NT - Batman five years ago

It isn't completely terrible - Lokain five years ago

I've tried, and I can't. Every time I read anything le reddit le posts le boards: - Batman five years ago

This is bad and you should feel bad. - Stevers five years ago

You don't know what is bad, I will explain to you what is bad. - Nurok five years ago

How could this idea possibly have a net-benefit? - Stevers five years ago

Voting would work better - valkenar five years ago

Lolled that I used you as an example, and you used me - Stevers five years ago

I like dissent, I dislike trolls - valkenar five years ago

I honestly feel like you, and others (though this is typical for many) can't tell the difference between trolling and dissent. - Batman five years ago

Not I, sir - valkenar four years ago

...are you seriously implying that batman doesn't troll? - Stevers four years ago

Look - valkenar four years ago

It's hard to take your claims of me being the troll seriously when you're the one insulting/name-calling like a petulant child. - Stevers four years ago

Were that the case ALL AROUND - Batman four years ago

Democracy is bad because majorities are tyrannous. (n/t) - RobDarken four years ago

Also, as an aside: - Stevers five years ago

Re: I like dissent, I dislike trolls - Stevers five years ago

Re: I like dissent, I dislike trolls - valkenar five years ago

Hah. - Stevers five years ago

"...and I choose not to be baited." - Matrik five years ago

I bait everyone. I am a master baiter. NT - Batman five years ago

Making an exception here. Or did you mean in general? (n/t) - valkenar five years ago

OH shit, someone just came up with a really clever idea, time to delete it so no one steals it before me (n/t) - Artificial five years ago

Do you really need PKS _SO MUCH_ that you willingly misguide people OOC just to get few more PKS while they try to eyejab or stun you? :) (n/t) - shaapa five years ago

Seems stupid as it will allow people to abuse it to get the information they want out there instead of the right information. (n/t) - tesline five years ago

Eh, I do see your point.... never mind. (n/t) - GreenLantern five years ago

This point is among many, many others - Stevers five years ago

Any technical problems with the board? - xrus four years ago

Looking for a new moderator... - Gabe(VIP) four years ago

Why am I forced to log in now to just browse the forums? n/t (n/t) - Calion four years ago

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