Re: As for the others...

November 04, 2007 04:23PM
> pistol - Casull .454 :P I don't like pistols, they scare me. It's too easy for the muzzle to do a 180 and be pointed at you. They also aren't practical for anything, except perhaps self defense if you life in like, the ghetto-est of ghettos. <br>> <br> <br>I'm mostly looking to make holes in paper. If you just want killing power I might suggest the Taurus pistol with the extra long chamber that accommodates both the .45 and a 410 shot shell. <br> <br>[] <br> <br> <br>> (long range) rifle - Don't buy a Remington for the action. My uncle is a gunsmith and isn't at all impressed with the actions Remington makes. I'd go with a .243 Winchester bolt, or a .300 mag winchester bolt if you are going for big game. A .243 round is sufficient for both varmint and big game hunting, provided you can shoot accurately. I've killed 8 deer with a remington .243 (though the action gets screwy at times). I'd say you could use a .243 for everything up to (and possibly including) elk. The .300 mag is a beast of a rifle, suitable for antelope-bear. It could be used for varmint hunting/range shooting, but the rounds are expensive so you'd probably want to load your own if that's what you want to do. <br> <br>Basically for this guy I want to teach myself to be a 'sniper' (term used very loosely here). I just want to hit a paper plate at 500-1000 yards in ideal conditions, so the large caliber is sort of a requirement for accuracy at that range. And yeah, the ammo is hella expensive so I'll have to learn to load my own.
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Question for the gun geeks

Rade 324 November 04, 2007 01:52PM

I would go for the classics

ExPaladin 272 November 04, 2007 02:01PM

Steyr Aug, hands down. n/t

Someone not special, Esquire 244 November 04, 2007 03:09PM

As for the others...

Someone not special, Esquire 214 November 04, 2007 03:16PM

Re: As for the others...

Rade 252 November 04, 2007 04:23PM

For &quot;sniper&quot; rounds, a .308, .30-30/.3006, or even a .270 would be ideal...

Someone not special, Esquire 217 November 05, 2007 01:46AM

So the movie shooter.

Cointreau 223 November 05, 2007 05:45AM

Yes, they can do that.

DurNominator 209 November 05, 2007 06:21AM

That assumes a perfectly trained sniper and perfect conditions. nt

Someone not special, Esquire 232 November 05, 2007 01:16PM

Google longest recorded kill shot

ExPaladin 291 November 05, 2007 06:22AM

Re: For &quot;sniper&quot; rounds, a .308, .30-30/.3006, or even a .270 would be ideal...

Rade 232 November 05, 2007 04:20PM

I personally like the model 870 over the Mossberg 500, but I'm not an expert. nt

Death_Claw 243 November 04, 2007 04:10PM

Remmington 870 has way more options and parts available for modifications n/t

Lightmage 211 November 05, 2007 08:40AM

Re: Question for the gun geeks

Tyin 217 November 04, 2007 06:41PM

An official red ryder carbine-action two-hundred-shot range model air rifle! nt

Devildogg7051 220 November 04, 2007 11:14PM

You'll shoot your eye out, kid. NT

Quixotic 230 November 06, 2007 03:12AM


Someone not special, Esquire 222 November 05, 2007 01:49AM

About the long rifles.

Odrirg 209 November 05, 2007 05:39AM

OMG, you read paladin press? I'm scared of you. nt

Someone not special, Esquire 230 November 05, 2007 01:19PM


Odrirg 216 November 05, 2007 02:05PM

Paladin Press, dedicated to teach paladins the way of duo dimension. nt

DurNominator 257 November 05, 2007 09:47PM

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