You'll shoot your eye out, kid. NT

November 06, 2007 03:12AM
> > SHORT VERSION: <br>> > <br>> > The short version is I'm looking for suggestions regarding bull pup style rifles that people have enjoyed using, or know to be of good quality at a reasonable price. <br>> > <br>> > LONG VERSION: <br>> > <br>> > I'm working on my gun collection. I already have a few 22 plinkers and an antique pistol. Now I've decided to get one 'nice one' of each of four classifications of firearms: pistol, shotgun, bull pup rifle, and (long range) rifle. Here's what I've worked out so far, please feel free to comment on any category. <br>> > <br>> > Pistol: I just purchased a Glock 40. I also plan on purchasing the conversion barrel to 9mm so that I can use different ammo when I feel like it. Plus, doing this light gunsmithing work will give me an excellent opportunity to really learn a lot about my pistol. I may also go with the 3.5lb trigger, that's undecided and I'll probably have a real gunsmith do that one. I put a lot of consideration into this one, balancing against the Sig or 1911, but decided in the end to go with the Glock. If you have any suggestions for accessories which fit Glock rails, I'm interested in opinions. <br>> > <br>> > Shotgun: Easy choice, I'll be going with the Mossberg 500. It's a little pricey but there's tons of secondary market accessories including but not limited to folding stocks so I can switch from hunting shotgun to combat style shotgun depending on my mood. The reviews for this shotgun are insane, I couldn't find a single person who was unhappy with it. <br>> > <br>> > Bull Pup: I have no idea, looking for suggestions. This may or may not be replaced by getting an AR-15. <br>> > <br>> > Long Range Rifle: This is the big money item. I'll either go with .308 Winchester Mag or 50 cal. Depending on whether I decide to start small and build myself up to an excellent rifle or spend all my money at once will determine what brand I get. If I decide to go full tilt all at once I'll probably get a Barrett, otherwise I will probably pick up a Remington rifle (basically just for the action) and build it up by purchasing lots of high end parts. This purchase is probably several years away, so I'm not in a big rush.
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Question for the gun geeks

Rade 489 November 04, 2007 01:52PM

I would go for the classics

ExPaladin 368 November 04, 2007 02:01PM

Steyr Aug, hands down. n/t

Someone not special, Esquire 343 November 04, 2007 03:09PM

As for the others...

Someone not special, Esquire 304 November 04, 2007 03:16PM

Re: As for the others...

Rade 346 November 04, 2007 04:23PM

For &quot;sniper&quot; rounds, a .308, .30-30/.3006, or even a .270 would be ideal...

Someone not special, Esquire 334 November 05, 2007 01:46AM

So the movie shooter.

Cointreau 312 November 05, 2007 05:45AM

Yes, they can do that.

DurNominator 300 November 05, 2007 06:21AM

That assumes a perfectly trained sniper and perfect conditions. nt

Someone not special, Esquire 320 November 05, 2007 01:16PM

Google longest recorded kill shot

ExPaladin 376 November 05, 2007 06:22AM

Re: For &quot;sniper&quot; rounds, a .308, .30-30/.3006, or even a .270 would be ideal...

Rade 333 November 05, 2007 04:20PM

I personally like the model 870 over the Mossberg 500, but I'm not an expert. nt

Death_Claw 342 November 04, 2007 04:10PM

Remmington 870 has way more options and parts available for modifications n/t

Lightmage 292 November 05, 2007 08:40AM

Re: Question for the gun geeks

Tyin 303 November 04, 2007 06:41PM

An official red ryder carbine-action two-hundred-shot range model air rifle! nt

Devildogg7051 305 November 04, 2007 11:14PM

You'll shoot your eye out, kid. NT

Quixotic 329 November 06, 2007 03:12AM


Someone not special, Esquire 311 November 05, 2007 01:49AM

About the long rifles.

Odrirg 297 November 05, 2007 05:39AM

OMG, you read paladin press? I'm scared of you. nt

Someone not special, Esquire 318 November 05, 2007 01:19PM


Odrirg 301 November 05, 2007 02:05PM

Paladin Press, dedicated to teach paladins the way of duo dimension. nt

DurNominator 345 November 05, 2007 09:47PM

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