Yeah. Ditto. n/t

November 27, 2013 09:18AM
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Imm rewarding poll. Read the instructions before you answer.

DurNominator(VIP) November 27, 2013 02:29AM

I don't mind rewards. I just would like that I get some too :) (n/t)

Murphy November 27, 2013 06:08PM

Bad poll. Forced to LIKE either OR both. Where is "Play CF and dislike both"? n/t

smfii November 27, 2013 03:08PM

It's subtext. You can either get on board the reward train or quit. (n/t)

sevriis November 28, 2013 05:07AM

It's because you can't reasonably be opposed to RP rewards.

wrathpuppet November 27, 2013 04:03PM

Ha ha, who is against RP rewards? Damn lastnames! (n/t)

MiyagiYojimbo November 27, 2013 08:14AM

The *only* thing I dislike about RP rewards are custom longs...

Nurok November 27, 2013 09:08AM

I hate how it doesnt show them in combat/status when you scan.

crafteddeception November 27, 2013 09:17AM

Yeah. Ditto. n/t

Forsooth November 27, 2013 09:18AM

Re: Imm rewarding poll. Read the instructions before you answer.

miyatzi November 27, 2013 07:34AM

Maybe if there was some way to get a feel for who was contributing to a fun rp environment

PaulO November 27, 2013 09:52AM

Solid points. I would like to support your idea of RP xp. (n/t)

Drokk November 27, 2013 12:09PM

stop trying to whip the player base into a frenzy (n/t)

hopelessdwarf November 27, 2013 06:56AM

How about an option, I like rewards as long as they aren't broken as fuck and given to Raybaers IM list all the time. (n/t)

ORB November 27, 2013 06:14AM

"Le sigh". So many broken things I was never able to abuse.

Quixotic November 27, 2013 06:26AM

You missed out on the stackable giant str lead to unlim damage kicks (n/t)

Zheeser November 27, 2013 09:35AM

Re: Imm rewarding poll. Read the instructions before you answer.

loknim November 27, 2013 05:59AM

Argument from ignorance?

Death_Claw November 27, 2013 06:05AM

Re: Argument from ignorance?

loknim November 27, 2013 06:09AM

I've done both.

Death_Claw November 27, 2013 06:11AM

Re: I've done both.

loknim November 27, 2013 06:26AM

Ah right.

Death_Claw November 27, 2013 06:27AM

And you have no way to tell if he deserved it.

tesline November 27, 2013 06:16AM

Uh, no?

Death_Claw November 27, 2013 06:21AM

Normally these things come out once they delete. (n/t)

tesline November 27, 2013 06:29AM

No they don't.

Death_Claw November 27, 2013 06:46AM

The flipside

Zheeser November 27, 2013 11:29AM

You do realize Oshui was a great pker and a great RPer in the beginning?

tesline November 27, 2013 07:00AM

Being able to do something, and actually doing that thing are two different things. Oshui was a piece of shit.

Frosty November 27, 2013 07:32AM

I was also in the Fortress when Oshui was lower level. He wasn't a douche back then. (n/t)

tesline November 27, 2013 07:35AM

So does leveling up mean you get to break the rules and act like a prick? Wow that's pretty fucking stupid. (n/t)

Frosty November 27, 2013 07:36AM

No I am saying he was fine until later. There was more than 10 hours of gameplay with Oshui you realize that? (n/t)

tesline November 27, 2013 07:42AM

You're own words. "He was fine UNTIL LATER." I played a lot more than 10 hours with the bitch. (n/t)

Frosty November 27, 2013 07:47AM

Yes that was my whole point. He didn't turn into an asshole until after he got rewarded. (n/t)

tesline November 27, 2013 07:48AM

Re: Yes that was my whole point. He didn't turn into an asshole until after he got rewarded.

Frosty November 27, 2013 07:52AM

It doesn't I was excusing his actions. I was simply stating what happened and why he was rewarded. (n/t)

tesline November 27, 2013 07:54AM

God you can be a waste of time.

Frosty November 27, 2013 08:02AM

Why does any of this even matter?

Java November 27, 2013 11:01AM

I care. (n/t)

Zruulg November 28, 2013 12:36AM


Frosty November 27, 2013 11:31AM

We all understand that. He was an asshole. He was a cabal leader. ect. I remember getting uninducted from outlander by harbinger while I was a sunwarden.

tesline November 27, 2013 08:21AM

Cool story bra. (n/t)

Frosty November 27, 2013 08:35AM

Do you play the same game as me?

Death_Claw November 27, 2013 07:08AM

The problem is that is how you test them in a game like this.

tesline November 27, 2013 07:10AM

My, no it isn't.

Death_Claw November 27, 2013 07:15AM

Then imm and do it yourself. (n/t)

tesline November 27, 2013 07:28AM

Even if you Imm, you're still in the same boat.

PaulO November 27, 2013 10:34AM

Good comeback. Disagree with the president? Start your own country!

Death_Claw November 27, 2013 08:10AM

That isn't what I said. If you want to complain about volunteer work. Put in some effort yourself instead of whining.

tesline November 27, 2013 08:17AM

LOL. No one is whining.

Death_Claw November 28, 2013 03:59AM

Finally we agree on something.

Wendigotorn November 27, 2013 08:34AM

Well still better than being a whiny bitch like you. (n/t)

tesline November 27, 2013 04:55PM

Lopsided poll...

Death_Claw November 27, 2013 04:53AM

PK balance aspect

DurNominator(VIP) November 27, 2013 07:52AM

I disagree

loknim November 27, 2013 06:05AM

This will land on deaf ears. You have 2 choices really.

Nurok November 27, 2013 05:56AM

I'm sorry but you have more than two options.

tesline November 27, 2013 06:13AM

All of those besides the third one falls under "dealing with it."

Death_Claw November 27, 2013 06:15AM

Move to Texas: "Where the republicans are republicans and the democrats are too." NT (n/t)

Quixotic November 27, 2013 06:18AM

n/t (n/t)

shaapa November 27, 2013 03:04AM

PK rewards make it totally unfair for the 90% of playerbase.

shaapa November 27, 2013 03:24AM

It's not SUPPOSED to be fair. What's the point in a reward if it maintains balance? (n/t)

Doof November 28, 2013 03:54AM

They should strive to make you want to be better.

loknim November 27, 2013 06:08AM

Being entertaining to imms doesn't necessarily mean enjoyable to mortal allies and enemies.

Murphy November 28, 2013 12:48PM

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