Blown away

April 30, 2015 06:51PM
Wow man, your enthusiasm is infectuous. It's really, really shining through the entire post. Again, it's making my fingers itch :D

I viewed everything from the perspective of a retired CF vet. However, I then thought about this some more and asked myself "what would I think about this if I didn't know a thing about CF and I came from a general gaming milieu".

.So that end, here's a little bit of critique:

* You present everything by the end of tutorial, but I feel that a bit more structured approach from the beginning would be better.
* "If you are into fantasy gaming, this is basically like D&D on steroids".
* "The world has 70 (80? 90?) areas that are originally written and ooze the history of the realms. Almost all of them have nice quirks. Some are designed to be played only with groups and encourage epic quests and explorations".
* "You have X races, and each one is nuanced and different. Each one has different talents and vulnerabilities."
* "You have X classes, most of which have further sub-customizations. The amount of abilities your character can have is truly stupenduous".
* "As you get more experienced and learn mechanics of classes and professions (which will take *years*), you will be able to pull off some truly non-standard combos. Experimentation never ends".
* "As if all of the above were not enough, you have player factions lead by Dungeon Masters, which we call Imms, which on their own add never-ending streak of customization and dynamic, power-shifting game".

If you give them that in first 2 minutes, they''ll be hooked, if they have a pulse.

Awesome, awesome enthusiasm.
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torak April 29, 2015 10:19PM

This takes me back...

Mek May 05, 2015 02:14PM

Toraktiago and Meknando

MiyagiYojimbo May 05, 2015 02:34PM

Blown away

Carrock April 30, 2015 06:51PM

Great work! Loved it! Should add a snippet somewhere with a PK from a high lvl perspektive.

deriveh April 30, 2015 01:47PM

Human warrior is bad I think, felar assassin is better.

zoskia April 30, 2015 11:02AM

Awesome job, man. You covered pretty much everything that needs covering.

BattleCharmed April 30, 2015 09:42AM

Do it! All the cool kids play it.

MiyagiYojimbo April 30, 2015 01:54PM

Re: Awesome job, man. You covered pretty much everything that needs covering.

katistrofik April 30, 2015 10:35AM

Re: [Serious] I need your feedback!

katistrofik April 30, 2015 09:09AM

Man, you're like classic nerd from hollywood movies! I didn't think you guys exist! :)

Kstatida April 30, 2015 08:02AM


jmc April 30, 2015 07:46AM

great job as an introduction

Ayathkiran April 30, 2015 06:25AM

(Thumbs Up)

SomeOneSpecial April 30, 2015 02:24AM

That was really good. Nice work. n/t

jalim April 30, 2015 01:53AM

Loved it! Actually could be pretty hilarious to have some Twitch streaming on delay. -nt-

icthaen April 30, 2015 12:30AM

I liked it. You should add more videos covering some PK and roleplay. (n/t)

ilostmycoconut April 29, 2015 10:57PM

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