2 cents from Offiicials / AP

December 02, 2017 05:20PM
Hey guys I just wanted to throw in my 2 cents about the thread on officials involving the change to AP's on officials. AP is my second favorite class, even though I am awful at PK and I don't think I have ever had more than four or five charges at any one time. I have a real problem with changing the game for ONE GUY! He's just one guy! I evaded him at my leisure with Iammda. He's not hard to evade. He's not going to be hard to gank. You don't need to change the code, class, or game. You need to kill one guy. When I was playing Marzzett no one was terrified and logging off. In fact, it seemed like people would log in to try to come get me. So it's not the race/class combo, it is purely the skill and playstyle of this ONE GUY! Get your act together.

1. Take the Codex and hold the thing. He loses Sigil of pain and he has to come for it. He's going to be prepped out of his mind but he has to come to you, so get ready to be prepped out of your mind.

2. Plan to take advantage of mechanics. You're worried about anti-gank code? Pair up. Two wait at the Maran and two wait just outside.

3. Get him slept (Undaraxyl or Annalatheana (sp?))

4. Exploit vulns (Ereo or Yanni) put some holes in him with ice shard or ice needle.

If you really thought AP needed revamped you would have said something when Marzzett had five charges and was playing very conservatively. You didn't. You have one guy wrecking shop and are cowering down and not rising up. The last time I heard it like this was Brryn and that was more for abuse/ use of provost special guards to be a murderous sumbitch instead of how broken the anti paladin class is.

Finally - I present to you the ultimate put up or shut up. You think AP is broken. Roll one. Get souls. Make the gank squad. Take Bak's unholy and leech it. You can't? It's because the player behind Bakrmarr is simply better, and not because the AP class is broken. I'm not going to lie. Delzor went Empire just to not have to avoid Bakr. Out think. Outwit. Survive.

Also - I can log in on officials but I cannot post there. I have emailed imms and they have gotten back with me. My brother (Brryn/ Lochlan/ Tahka) is able to log in and post as me from his place. The imms can log in with my user name and password from their place. I just cannot from my place. So sad face on that. But I do enjoy reading your thoughts and opinions on Officials (and here). That is why I brought the discussion here. I really wanted to get my 2 cents in on this.
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2 cents from Offiicials / AP

ellokraine December 02, 2017 05:20PM

A bard and a binder could maybe manage?

frob December 04, 2017 12:33PM

I would!

jalim December 05, 2017 01:26AM

Why bother?

Kstatida December 03, 2017 09:10PM

Re: 2 cents from Offiicials / AP

asker December 03, 2017 04:59PM

What i really dislike about class

zanzarin December 02, 2017 11:01PM

"He's not hard to evade."...."Delzor went Empire just to not have to avoid Bakr"

saagkri December 02, 2017 07:02PM

Re: "He's not hard to evade."...."Delzor went Empire just to not have to avoid Bakr"

ellokraine December 02, 2017 07:19PM

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