They're pretty damn good.

December 13, 2007 01:59PM
My question for you guys is this:
How restricting is a paladin's alignment/code in exploration? I can request from goodies, yes, but I cannot see their inventories. Most neutrals are completely untouchable. With the proper virtues/gear I can be an exploration powerhouse, but, I can't just walk around killing everything like an evil class can.

I can only speak for elf shield pally, which is afaik the best tank out there. Sanc, prot, shield mastery and self-healing make you a GREAT tank. This means you can take the hurt from crazy tough mobs and obliterate them with wrath if evil, whittle with weapon damage/angelswing/flamestrike if not evil.

Most neutrals are untouchable? Not really. How many animals? How many bizarre otherworldly creatures? How many helpers/workers for big evil things?

There are lots of very, very interesting and neat places just chock-full of wicked, evil mobs waiting to be wrathed down. Hell. Aran'gird. Yzekon. I'm guessing the Silent Tower? There's tons of gear is on evil mobs. You can stay busy finding evil places full of evil things to kill, I promise. Just being able to *get* to some places and look around, even if you don't kill everything, can be quite enlightening in itself.
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Paladins as explorers

mmmmk December 12, 2007 01:49PM

They're pretty damn good.

Blackbird December 13, 2007 01:59PM

Re: Paladins as explorers

_Magus_ December 12, 2007 04:07PM

I'd also mention that bards are really nice in explore groups -nt-

Mek December 12, 2007 09:46PM

Agreed. But...

_Magus_ December 13, 2007 06:54AM

Bard is necessary in addition to, not in place of any of the three nt

elmeri December 13, 2007 09:54AM


elmeri December 13, 2007 09:58AM

Don't forget symphonic echoes on those bloodlusted lvl 60 mobs. nt

Yhorian(VIP) December 14, 2007 02:01AM

I don't think i'd ever take a trip to hell to explore beyond the 1st circle without a bard. The mana regen is important nt

istirith December 13, 2007 07:14AM

About bards...

mmmmk December 13, 2007 05:58AM

Hah. Bards are amazingly handy at a large number of things. Mass-sleep, heal, buff, you name it. nt

Yhorian(VIP) December 13, 2007 06:37AM

Bards are literally the best groupmate ever. For anything.

Sam December 13, 2007 06:17AM

Good post, thanks for the insight ~nt

mmmmk December 12, 2007 07:03PM

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