Vahrtznif role chapter 4

August 07, 2017 02:53PM
[Toll Troll] Imagine a ball, any kind of ball. No, not that ball. Not that one, either. Imagine a specific kind of ball, one made entirely of water, held together by some unknown force, which is suspended in mid-air. On this ball, imagine someone has vertically placed strings from top to bottom and looped around to the top again, packed infinitely close together. Each string intersects only at the top and the bottom of the water ball. The ball of water represents space, and each string represents a different timeline. The closer strings are together on the ball of water, the more related the timelines are. You are not to worry about how this relationship is quantified.

[Vahrtznif] If each string has two points of intersection, then you’re implying time is intersecting at two particular points of space. If the ball represents space and the strings loop around it, you’ve created cyclical time restricted by location. That is, time cannot advance if an entity existing at a particular point of space does not displace itself.

[Toll Troll] That is where you are wrong. Each particle which exists on a string is, itself, a space-time water ball. Any and every object which exists can be represented by its own space-time water ball, which can be thought of as an “event” metric.

[Vahrtznif] But,

[Toll Troll] Silence! You currently stand in front of me, in front of the Bridge of Sorrows. However, if one were to pluck the string on which you reside, the string would collide with the ball of water and create a ripple. This ripple would displace the water, thus also moving the strings which lie on it. Time and space are both altered in this way. Imagine someone did this, and you and I were given a glimpse of another string on the water in which you’ve already crossed the Bridge of Sorrows. Why, then, should I now let you pass the Bridge of Sorrows again?

[Vahrtznif] Because I haven’t crossed the Bridge of Sorrows yet.

[Toll Troll] Correct! Please cross the bridge.

[Vahrtznif] Was that the riddle?

[Toll Troll] What riddle?

The Toll Troll laughed and was clouded by a puff a smoke, disappearing. As the smoke faded, Vahrtznif noticed Lunky dashing across the bridge, holding a bowl of Lunky Jujus! Pesky leprechaun!

With the riddle (?) solved, Vahrtznif took his first step onto the Bridge of Sorrows.

pls respond
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Vahrtznif is dead. Goodbyes on the officials, and logs will be posted eventually. n/t

Stevers 343 August 07, 2017 02:50PM

Vahrtznif role chapter 9 (because 7 and 8 don't pertain to the main storyline)

Stevers 317 August 07, 2017 02:56PM

Well written!

karnif 357 August 10, 2017 10:55PM

I wonder if there are other techniques to achieve the same effect.

Stevers 295 August 11, 2017 02:42PM

Vahrtznif role chapter 6

Stevers 325 August 07, 2017 02:54PM

Re: Vahrtznif role chapter 6

lightmage 362 August 10, 2017 11:10AM

I don't get why this wasn't done sooner, or maybe it has?

Stevers 276 August 11, 2017 02:40PM

Vahrtznif role chapter 5

Stevers 275 August 07, 2017 02:54PM

Vahrtznif role chapter 4

Stevers 265 August 07, 2017 02:53PM

Vahrtznif role chapter 3

Stevers 280 August 07, 2017 02:53PM

Vahrtznif role chapter 2

Stevers 272 August 07, 2017 02:52PM

Vahrtznif role chapter 1

Stevers 318 August 07, 2017 02:52PM

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