Re: Meet a liberal day. (the issues only).

May 22, 2017 04:55PM
Mostly government takes money out of your left pocket only to put it back into your right pocket after taking a 20% cut. Programs like social security are already starting to be a disaster for us financially. The question is whether or not to end these programs, but how to do so before they completely destroy our economy.
Social Security, as much of a pittance as it is, has been an essential intervention to offset the poverty that historically plagues the elderly. It is underfunded, but that will correct itself when the baby boomers die off and the elderly bubble they have created by existing is gone.

I lean towards isolationist too. We subsidize most of the world's military spending by having bases all over the place. Further, our international activism is flatly immoral. It helps to understand that the military is a massive jobs program for the poor and nominally educated. It's worth noting, however, that our military spending as a percentage of GDP is not totally out of wack. We're not even in the top 10. So those stats that show us spending more than the next X countries combined are kind of misleading.
I'm not an isolationist, but I agree on defense spending, which I see as a way of buying votes in population-dense areas by providing government subsidized jobs and soliciting donations from defense contractors and international business interests.

Regulation is the tool the big banks do to crush the little banks. Take a look at the Dodd-Frank regulations that were supposed to fix the problems that led to the Great Recession. Instead it has led to a massive dying out of small banks while the bigger banks got bigger. I feel like you have this juvenile idea of how government works. If government has the power to control something of value, then the monied interests will pretty soon take control of it.
Big banks profit from deregulation. Bank consolidations, like any monopolization, occur when economic hardships strike and the large entities leverage their position to destroy unprotected smaller corporations. Look at the American Industrial Revolution for evidence that it was great to be a tycoon during an era without regulation, but it sucked to work for a tycoon. There is a reason why Teddy Roosevelt's presidency attempted so many reforms.

>Education: Lots of people in America are lazy and want a fast solution for nothing. Education is the long term investment in the country's future. College has got to be cheaper. For-profit schools need to go away. Public schools need to be improved, and any private religious school who wants tax dollars can go fuck themselves. Any kid who applies themselves should be incentivized with cheap higher education, and quality job opportunities.
I particularly agree with your statement that education needs to be seen as a long-term investment. I don't see a problem with private, for-profit schools, but it is inappropriate for them to take public funds, as they do not have to abide by government oversight nor will they educate all citizens. I do value the establishment clause, too, but that is a side issue.

College would be cheaper if the government stopped subsidizing it. Fewer people need to be going to traditional colleges. The high price of college is the result of artificially inflated demand. For some dumb reason we told every kid in the country they just needed to go get a degree in any old thing and they'd have a cush life with a great job. That's just not true. Public schools are monopolies. Why do you think a school monopoly is going to be better for consumers than a bank monopoly? The voucher system seems like the only reasonable answer here. Most of the concerns about the voucher system can be solved with two stipulations. First, private schools that accept vouchers must meet the same educational criteria as public schools have today. Secondly, any school that accepts a voucher cannot charge any additional $ for tuition. If you wanted to go a step further start taxing schools that do not accept the vouchers, encouraging the upper-middle class to move their kids into the voucher schools and making sure they maintain decent funding. I'm a pretty staunch atheist myself, but I've come around to supporting private religious schools. Why? Because some of the best private schools are Catholic schools. I might be okay with regulating voucher schools to say they can't have a litmus test for admission, meaning a Catholic school must admit any student even if they're not Catholic. Secondly, if religious primary schools result in worse outcomes because of bad science education or whatever, then the market will sort that out because those people will not be able to get good jobs.
Meh. College will not be cheaper if you have fewer students attending, as you are ignoring overhead costs like buildings, instructors, instructional supplies/equipment/curriculum. There is something to be said for mass production, even if there are flaws in applying a business model to a human service. I don't know that the statistics will support that private schools are the best schools--you'd be surprised at how good your state test averages would look if you only allowed select kids in your school. As far as applying market theory toward things like STEM, there would be unacceptable business and national defense repercussions toward letting a generation or more of students receive religious indoctrination in lieu of education.

Here again the government is the cause of the increased cost of health care. The government let the AMA stop our country from opening medical schools for literally DECADES. Further, the AMA continues to artificially keep the number of all forms of medical practitioners low so that wages stay sky high. I generally support unions, but the AMA is the most dangerous union in our country because the government has given it too much power. As I said I'm generally fine with unions, because the free market may result in the creation of unions. What I don't support is the government giving unions (such as the AMA) special consideration.
Want to improve health care? We need a single payer system like Canada, Australia, Western European nations. If you want to see more people go into medicine, creating more demand for med schools, then it would be best not to replace evolution with intelligent design and biology with prayer circles.

All of these problems would largely be solved by doing what I already suggested: tax externalities such as pollution. Further, stop trading with countries that don't similarly tax pollution. We needn't bother subsidizing contraception or anything else. Let's just start by not giving people more money to have children. No deductions for children. No welfare for extra mouths. If you can't care for your children either don't have them or give them away to someone who can take care of them.
Countries/communities with high poverty have high birth rates; extended families are needed as a means of providing assistance to each other. That said, if you want political stability, you have to provide economic stability. Even the ancient Romans knew that if you remove the bread and circuses, the wealthy would lose everything when the lower class revolts.
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Meet a liberal day. (the issues only).

physics May 02, 2017 09:39AM

Re: Meet a liberal day. (the issues only).

Rade May 20, 2017 12:06PM

Re: Meet a liberal day. (the issues only).

Quixotic May 22, 2017 04:55PM

Re: Meet a liberal day. (the issues only).

Rade May 22, 2017 08:41PM

I am curious about your underlying assumptions.

Quixotic May 23, 2017 03:44PM

Re: I am curious about your underlying assumptions.

Rade May 24, 2017 04:59AM

To be fair

Kstatida May 21, 2017 02:35AM

Read _Dark Money_

Quixotic May 14, 2017 05:14PM

You're right about abortion. We also need infanticide clinics.

Rhyaldrin May 04, 2017 03:55PM

Hah (n/t)

TJHuron May 06, 2017 03:51AM

That's a good way, I also propose an enhancement

Kstatida May 04, 2017 10:00PM

Re: Meet a liberal day. (the issues only).

Balrahd May 03, 2017 10:04AM

my manifesto. txt

Isildur(VIP) May 10, 2017 07:42AM

As a citizen of country with VAT, I'm obliged to say

Kstatida May 10, 2017 08:21AM

Re: As a citizen of country with VAT, I'm obliged to say

Isildur(VIP) May 10, 2017 09:40AM

Re: As a citizen of country with VAT, I'm obliged to say

Kstatida May 10, 2017 10:12PM

some observations about this: txt

Isildur(VIP) May 10, 2017 07:52AM

we definitely need more taxes.

The Forsaken(VIP) May 03, 2017 12:52PM

Re: Meet a liberal day. (the issues only).

Jib May 03, 2017 10:45AM

Re: Meet a liberal day. (the issues only).

Balrahd May 03, 2017 11:13AM


Jib May 03, 2017 12:12PM

Filing separately only makes the marriage penalty worse

zannon May 04, 2017 02:26AM

There can be a marriage penalty

zannon May 03, 2017 11:04AM

Taxes are a tough thing to fix

zannon May 03, 2017 10:13AM

Re: Child credit is capped but there is a floor of $600

Balrahd May 03, 2017 11:05AM

Re: Trump tax plan

Jib May 03, 2017 12:05PM

I hate labels.

Jib May 02, 2017 10:24PM

Publically funded religious schools are unconstitutional

physics May 03, 2017 03:02AM

debatable. txt

Isildur(VIP) May 04, 2017 12:57PM

Call it a private school tax credit and let me decide what to do with it.

Jib May 03, 2017 07:56AM

It's not the public-ness of the school that is the problem

starbright May 03, 2017 11:04AM

Re: It's not the public-ness of the school that is the problem

Balrahd May 04, 2017 12:39AM

It's not class sizes, it's ability diversity and capacity for handling student questions

starbright May 04, 2017 02:35AM

Re: It's not class sizes, it's ability diversity and capacity for handling student questions

Balrahd May 04, 2017 10:24AM

I think, encourage what they are interested in.

Jib May 04, 2017 12:18PM

Yeah, actually you're right that most pursuits have an unequal talent distribution

starbright May 04, 2017 11:18AM

I don't really know about U.S., do you have academic contests or something?

Kstatida May 04, 2017 11:14AM

No. Everyone needs a participation prize. We don't want kids to feel bad about losing.

Jib May 04, 2017 12:21PM

^ recommended by Lenin to read and think on

Kstatida May 04, 2017 12:56AM

Re: recommended by Lenin

Murphy May 04, 2017 06:19AM

#4 is most important to me

PaulO May 03, 2017 06:58PM

I agree.

Jib May 03, 2017 12:33PM

Interesting correlations with schooling outcomes

starbright May 03, 2017 11:45PM

we need mo' money for dem programs. (n/t)

Rhyaldrin May 04, 2017 12:00AM

Re: we need mo' money for dem programs.

Kstatida May 04, 2017 12:51AM

gibs me dat. (n/t)

Rhyaldrin May 04, 2017 01:07AM

It's equalization that makes public schools bad

Kstatida May 03, 2017 08:05AM

Yep, exactly.

Jib May 03, 2017 08:20AM

That's interesting

Kstatida May 03, 2017 08:22AM

The argument is, that educating them is better than having masses of uneducated kids growing up into masses of uneducated, poor adults.

Jib May 03, 2017 08:35AM

So they're not exactly illegal

Kstatida May 03, 2017 08:37AM

Something like that.

Jib May 03, 2017 08:44AM

Hi. Meet a right-leaning anarchist total-isolationist traditionalist.

PaulO May 02, 2017 12:28PM

not to trumpet late stage capitalism, but, it applies here

The Forsaken(VIP) May 03, 2017 05:40AM

The problem with cronyism

PaulO May 03, 2017 06:45PM

The liberal economic dream.

physics May 02, 2017 01:26PM

Women's liberation is the reason for wage stagnation, not greedy rich people

Rade May 22, 2017 06:23PM

Because we are a country of Wealth worshippers

ORB May 03, 2017 04:53AM

This wall of text is offensive.

Rhyaldrin May 03, 2017 07:29PM

Buy local, even if it is more expensive. (n/t)

PaulO May 03, 2017 06:47PM

That's the rule I live by. My wife hates me for this

Kstatida May 03, 2017 11:08PM

Yeah agree that there is an unwarranted worship of the wealthy

starbright May 03, 2017 10:44AM

Funnily enough

Kstatida May 03, 2017 05:04AM

liberal economic lies vs. conservative economic lies

PaulO May 02, 2017 04:15PM

Re: The liberal economic dream.

Jib May 02, 2017 01:57PM

As another liberal agree with most of your points

starbright May 02, 2017 12:09PM

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