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[Jhyrbian] Total War: Warhammer 2 announced - Carrock last year

Is this the new way to PM people? - Stevers last year

saving people the trouble of hacking em (n/t) - jhyrbian last year

Losing Engurd was the saddest moment in QHCF history. (n/t) - Matrik last year

Re: [Jhyrbian] Total War: Warhammer 2 announced - jhyrbian last year

Updated Trump impeachment odds are 100/1 by the end of this month, 50/1 by September, 5/1 by 2018, 3/1 by 2019, it's a push in 2020. Who wants in on this action? NT - Sam last year

Guessing Cambridge Analytica will be a household word after this year. - ORB last year

What's wrong with Cambridge Analytica? - PaulO last year

Don't fall for the propaganda. - Sam last year

Not sure you read my post. (n/t) - PaulO last year

You fell for it. (n/t) - Matrik last year

How so? Are you saying that most politicians are altruistic and in it for our good? NT - Sam last year

No. I'm saying you're a victim of propaganda. - Matrik last year

why you pasting reddit post, bro? just link it - The Forsaken(VIP) last year

Umbrage (n/t) - NbM(VIP) last year

A tarot card reader said he'll be assassinated in July - HairyOrangutan last year

Using tarot to gamble. Very clever..... uragiri! - MiyagiYojimbo last year

Sad! - Isildur(VIP) last year

Was he paid? (n/t) - Kstatida last year

How are we defining impeachment here? - PaulO last year

He was only impeached by the house, not the senate so it wasn't an impeachment. (n/t) - Quas last year

Bill Clinton impeachment is a push. Convicted you win. Convicted AND removed from office you win. Resigns....hmmm. Not sure. NT - Sam last year

Hucksters are hard to pin down. I'll bet you he doesn't get convicted. (n/t) - PaulO last year

So if he doesn't get impeached by 2020, you give me $100 if I bet $1 now? (n/t) - Kstatida last year

I got a job offer - Elystan last year

Re: I got a job offer - Isildur(VIP) last year

1st job - Quixotic last year

My first "job" (not including selling lemonade or rocks or whatever on the side of the road) was as a Janitor in a downtown office building. - Sam last year

My first job also had smoke breaks. 5 minutes each hour. - Kstatida last year

#goals. nt - Isildur(VIP) last year

I've got my first job when I was 14 as a spare hand on construction - Kstatida last year

I'm clearly a pampered effete westerner with pale skin and soft hands. (n/t) - Elystan last year

Victorian gentlemen would've despised you - Kstatida last year

Yes but me being a worthless NEET is old news. Me becoming a productive member of society is the new hotness. (n/t) - Elystan last year

Try not to get fired like you did at the last job n/t - Stevers last year

... - Frosty last year

> implying I've ever had a job (n/t) - Elystan last year

Congratz! :) - Frosty last year

Congrats mate! (n/t) - starbright last year

Congrats. n/t - jalim last year

Good shit! (n/t) - NbM(VIP) last year

Star Wars Rebels Discussion SPOILERS ABOUND - jhyrbian last year

I've been trying to keep up but I got so much media that I'm behind on (working 2 jobs sucks). NT - Sam last year

Star Wars is for wannabe nerds. (n/t) - Matrik last year

So you're saying you liked it. ;) (n/t) - Frosty last year

Hipster. (n/t) - Matrik last year

Hillbilly hipster? (n/t) - Frosty last year

No. Hillbilly. Pseudo-Hipster. (n/t) - Matrik last year

Pseudo-Purple-Hillbipster. (n/t) - Murphy last year

Rakanishu is not pseudo-purple. He is full, real purple. (n/t) - Matrik last year

He's blue. You are pseudo-purple. (n/t) - Murphy last year

My CF is better than your CF. (n/t) - Matrik last year

Does your CF have dead ragers? (n/t) - Murphy last year

Ragers account for 0.0001% of my deaths. (n/t) - Matrik last year

Are there dead ragers or not? (n/t) - Murphy last year

I don't know what a rager is. (n/t) - Matrik last year

:( - jhyrbian last year

Old Carrion Fields page - zargu last year

Here you go... - laearrist last year

I miss Glimo's. All that blue, so soothing. (n/t) - Frosty last year

Any baseball fans on Dio's want to talk about Miggy and/or Mike Trout? NT - Sam last year

Any baseball sams on Dios want to take it to the sports board? n/t - Stevers last year

Did you mean Mike Hunt...?? nt - The Forsaken(VIP) last year

Nobody wants to talk about York Hunt. (n/t) - Frosty last year

nope. nt - The Forsaken(VIP) last year

I always want to talk about Mike Trout. - Jib last year

Moreno is ruining his prime? NT - Sam last year

Partially. The good news is he still has 4 complete more years though on his contract (Starting with 2017). - Jib last year

Newsflash: Mike Trout...still pret-TAY pret-TAY good. NT - Sam last year

my fantasy draft is looking like it'll be 3/25. i'm completely unprepared. nt - Isildur(VIP) last year

I like Yelich a lot. If he's cheap in your league and available after the first 2-4 rds, should grab him. NT - Sam last year

I understand why you like Yelich, because - Stevers last year

I figured if anybody knew this it would be you guys - ekirhal last year

You came to the right place, apparently. - Jib last year

I miss Batman - Kstatida last year

I can deliver something to him for you. What do you want him to have? n/t - Stevers last year

... - Matrik last year

We finally learn the truth. Isildur is ekirhal's troll/catfish account. It all makes sense. NT - Sam last year

You mean ekirhal is Isildur's troll/catfish account. (n/t) - Murphy last year

isildur's a dude? (n/t) - jhyrbian last year

He is, and I have a picture of him. Strangely, I have a picture of a lot of people on Dios. Was there once a thread where someone asked everyone to post pictures of themselves? Also, why do I have Sam's facebook account? n/t - Stevers last year

#triggered NT - Sam last year

can be if you want me to be. nt - Isildur(VIP) last year

Only Sauron's Cheat Ring knows for sure. (n/t) - Murphy last year

Get out. NOW! - Frosty last year

Okay, that's it, I'm writing a script to filter out all of your posts which contain youtube links. You have failed to make me laugh with every single post+link combination. n/t - Stevers last year

Yeah, he's utterly terrible at it. (n/t) - Murphy last year

My bad. I wasn't aware you're only allowed to post youtube links as long as it makes stevers laugh. - Frosty last year

Rule 1 of Stevers' Dios Rules is that you should make Me-vers laugh with every single post. If you do not, I will keep prodding you until I get a laugh. n/t - Stevers last year

Hey Stevers, this one's gonna make you laugh - Murphy last year

Murphy, that made me go "hah" n/t - Stevers last year

If I have to click murphy's links to "learn", well... - Frosty last year

Re: Get out. NOW! - Murphy last year

Nope. Not gunna do it. (n/t) - Frosty last year

Path of Exile Trapper - jmc last year

We think you should do another duergar berserker (n/t) - Kstatida last year

Re: We think you should do another duergar berserker - Murphy last year

You know what's hilarious about this wire tap scandal? - Jib last year

My thoughts on the wiretaps. - Death_Claw last year

For me, you always have to wonder why someone would lie about something that if they openly admitted to it it wouldn't be that big of a deal. - Sam last year

I dont think you read your own media - Kstatida last year

*you're n/t - jalim last year

Look at this drama though... - Death_Claw last year

Re: Look at this drama though... - physics last year

Which truth is that? - Death_Claw last year

Becuase no one respects oaths. (n/t) - Matrik last year

It's all be normalized. No one cares. - Matrik last year

It's overladies, not overlords - Kstatida last year

Touche. (n/t) - Matrik last year

And the people who called the tinfoil crowd conspiracy theories for years won't even acknowledge that they were wrong. (n/t) - Rhyaldrin last year

Any infrastructure automation wiz available? - Death_Claw last year

I sent you a PM... but blech... - laearrist last year

Actually, yes. Send me a PM with details, as long as I won't be your underling. Wait... where'd my PM icon go? n/t - Stevers last year

info still has PMs - Kstatida last year

I don't have an account over there, and will not ever make one. If there's anything I want to say or do, I'll do it here. - Stevers last year

Bitch please. Kstats has even passed you. And he posts on 3 Russian cheat forums, info, officials, the CF addict support group forum, and 4chan's CF forum. NT - Sam last year

I also spam Reddit /r/MUD - Kstatida last year

The problem with you and Matrik is that you both treat post count as a contest. I treat it as a piece of art. n/t - Stevers last year

Witcher 3 is sick af - uerlante last year

Witcher in all its forms is an atrocity. - Matrik last year

Agreed. The game does not live up to its hype, and I feel it is the type of RPG that people play when they are too casual for Dark Souls, but also too unintelligent for Dragon Age. n/t - Stevers last year

Game over man. RIP Bill. :( (n/t) - Frosty last year

I was going to post this, but I'm glad you did. (n/t) - Jib last year

Bill Paxton died? - MiyagiYojimbo last year

Thank you. You get it. Griefing together makes it easier. - Frosty last year

:( - MiyagiYojimbo last year

Woodley vs Thompson - jhyrbian last year

Hey Trump voters, how ya feeling about your man these days? - Sam last year

Why do you care? - Death_Claw last year

I'd rather not have the "face" of the country be a gasbag who isn't even attractive. - Sam last year

You really don't know shit about running a country though - Kstatida last year

Neither does our president, but I mean, yeah, that is why America kicks ass Boris. PS Rocky beat Drago. NT - Sam last year

You mean Stallone beat Lundgren? He's not even Russian like Seagal :))) (n/t) - Kstatida last year

You're more mild than ever these days. Can you change your name to Injured_Nail? Anyway, there's one point you raised that warrants a response - Stevers last year

Re: You're more mild than ever these days. Can you change your name to Injured_Nail? Anyway, there's one point you raised that warrants a response - Death_Claw last year

Re: Why do you care? - Isildur(VIP) last year

And that money filters into a very small amount of people's hands. - Death_Claw last year

Re: And that money filters into a very small amount of people's hands. - Isildur(VIP) last year

Re: And that money filters into a very small amount of people's hands. - Death_Claw last year

Also, not hating on the USA... - Death_Claw last year

Free trade and the golden goose - starbright last year

Re: Free trade and the golden goose - PaulO last year

Thing is, the dollar era is nearing its end in the coming decade - Kstatida last year

It's the era of BTC you cucks. - Rhyaldrin last year

We're all jealous - Kstatida last year

P.S. - PaulO last year

There's also something to be said for the monopolistic "rulers" of the late 1800s and 1900s building us into a superpower (financially) through sheer force of will at times. - Sam last year

Yeah yeah. buh luke dem shuny etc n/t - Stevers last year

I want a reason to do things with my property. - Death_Claw last year

I don't think manufacturing jobs are coming back even with tariffs (probably) - starbright last year

I don't think manufacturing jobs are coming back even with tariffs (probably) - starbright last year

Re: I don't think manufacturing jobs are coming back even with tariffs (probably) - Jib last year

It's just semantics - starbright last year

Subsidies for local production is protectionism - PaulO last year

Re: Subsidies for local production is protectionism - evil_ranger last year

Gotcha. I can buy that thinking a lot more than employing people to literally do nothing. - Jib last year

P.S. - currently, any country who attempts this social experiment, will get slaughtered in the international marketplace. - Jib last year

Re: P.S. - currently, any country who attempts this social experiment, will get slaughtered in the international marketplace. - Kstatida last year

Re: P.S. - currently, any country who attempts this social experiment, will get slaughtered in the international marketplace. - Jib last year

Don't think so - Kstatida last year

That argument is moot - Kstatida last year

I hope you're right but I am not confident that will be the case - starbright last year

This logic is flawed - Kstatida last year

And the way that we are/were going, even the $100k/year programmer jobs are probably not very much so 10 years from now. - Jib last year

As a college grad, I disagree that college grads aren't being given opportunities. I've received offers and I haven't even finished my master's yet. n/t - Stevers last year

Man, Stevers, you're not done yet!? How long does it take to write hello world app? ;) - Jib last year

You've edited it now, so I can't be sure. However, with the current version of your post, you're totally right about having said college grads not being given a chance in the future. I thought that sentence was referring to the present n/t - Stevers last year

The edit part, I wrote "edit:" - Jib last year

By the way, didn't you help me write a hello world program in my first ever semester? n/t - Stevers last year

Yeah, we chewed up the c++ for sure. - Jib last year

Kernel development n/t - Stevers last year

That's a shame, because that would have been funny. n/t - Stevers last year

Jib is a good boy, he luke dem shuny. (n/t) - Matrik last year

Tech jobs in the USA are at a "negative" unemployment rate. - Death_Claw last year

What is a realistic opportunity? There are plenty of crappy jobs that he could apply for. Why did you mention your father in this post at all? n/t - Stevers last year

Reason I mentioned it... - Death_Claw last year

I mean, how does tech jobs being at a negative unemployment rate and your father losing his job due to tech correlate? Are you trying to use it as a supporting anecdote? n/t - Stevers last year

Nope. n/t - Death_Claw last year

Right, so it was a useless piece of information tacked on to the post because you'd rather empty your mind on these forums than have a discussion. Classic death_claw. n/t - Stevers last year

You asked me a question... - Death_Claw last year

Do you really think I want people to clarify when I ask them to elaborate on something? Seriously, what has church done to you? n/t - Stevers last year

Is it weird that I missed you? n/t - Death_Claw last year

Don't get all sentimental. Sam tried that with me once, and look what became of us. n/t - Stevers last year

Lies - Kstatida last year

Poor Sam - Matrik last year

#winning #tigerblood #maga #fuckemalltodeath NT - Sam last year

It would be weird if you didn't. (n/t) - Frosty last year

How much are any of these five things actually, physically impacted by how well "liked" we are though, from a social standpoint? - Jib last year

Re: How much are any of these five things actually, physically impacted by how well "liked" we are though, from a social standpoint? - Isildur(VIP) last year

Agreed on smart, capable, productive people - starbright last year

How many "smart productive people"... - Death_Claw last year

Re: How many "smart productive people"... - Isildur(VIP) last year

That's fair to want that, if one understands the tradeoff involved - starbright last year

That's the other aspect. - Death_Claw last year

Humane Option - Matrik last year

Re: Humane Option - Death_Claw last year

You can't kick a UN SC permanent member out of UN - Kstatida last year

Credibility - starbright last year

The U.S. simply can't continue to drop trillions into being the world's peace-keeper (so-called), when we really, really need these resources for our own nation. - Jib last year

I'm with you in all but one - Kstatida last year

Wow really? I thought you were barred from being leader if you were not a citizen.. (n/t) - starbright last year

They have double citizenship, of course - Kstatida last year

Ah yes, of course - starbright last year

we've been the joke of the world for long before Trump came along - uerlante last year

...and the other half believes whatever the rightest media spoons down their throat. (n/t) - Matrik last year

Amen, just two sides of the same coin. NT - Sam last year

I feel like he is a man. Much like most men. - Matrik last year

You obviously didn't see how many times I slept through my PoliSci class. NT - Sam last year

What does a soccer hooligan need with poli sci classes? n/t - Stevers last year

I'm a fan of the inherent battle between freedom and equality. NT - Sam last year

I'm sure that's real fun for you to talk about when you're inhaling a zingo roacho, dubious bong bro! n/t - Stevers last year

Drop out of what? - Sam last year

Are you talking about weed? - Kstatida last year

Religion is drugs for the people. And vodka too is drug.nt - Flipside Oreo last year

Get your Marx right - Kstatida last year

Shut up, commie. (n/t) - Rhyaldrin last year

So much for freedom of speech - Kstatida last year

Rules go out of the window when it comes to Marxists. - Rhyaldrin last year

Re: Rules go out of the window when it comes to Marxists. - Kstatida last year

Shut the fuck up Donny. (n/t) - Frosty last year

Listen here boy - Kstatida last year

What's the over/under on how many of these threads you make in the next 7.5 years? (n/t) - Rhyaldrin last year

12.5. At least that's the odds Vegas set. NT - Sam last year

I'm in a glass case of emotion!! (n/t) - NbM(VIP) last year

Fuck...this weed is really good. NT - Sam last year

What are you talking about now? (n/t) - TJHuron last year

Well, now Trump's time is limited. - Sam last year

Buzzfeed, really? You're giving us a diarrhea post... please upgrade to a shit post. n/t - Stevers last year

He's playing chess again. - Jib last year

The take I heard is that all the states that legalized voted Hillary, so why does he care what happens if it can't get him re-elected. NT - Sam last year

Colorado was too close to just throw away like that, for one. - Jib last year

AG Jeff Sessions dude. NT - Sam last year

That's Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions to you, druggie. (n/t) - Rhyaldrin last year

As if the Fed has ever been able to do a damned thing about it. (n/t) - Matrik last year

Says an increasingly nervous man for the 8th time. - Rhyaldrin last year

Nah. He's losing the plot. NT - Sam last year

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